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High Noon Highlights(11/13): Rickie Fowler takes runner up in Mexico

It’s high noon, here are your Oklahoma State sports high lights

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Rickie Fowler takes second at OHL Classic:

Rickie Fowler had a great tournament this week at the OHL Classic in Playa del Carmen Mexico, going 18-under on the week. To top it all off, this is the best opener he’s ever had. Fowler said that while he feel just short, he’s still pleased.

The Cowboys can make the Big 12 Championship, but it’s not up to them:

The Cowboys kept their hope of going to Dallas for the Big Championship alive after their win over Iowa State. However, with two Big 12 loses, it’s gonna take some help from other teams to get there. Dylan Buckingham goes over what needs to happen. Essentially, with TCU’s loss to OU, if the Cowboys win out and the Horned Frogs lose again, we’ll get Bedlam 2.0 in a few weeks.

Kickoff set for Kansas State:

The Cowboys will take on the Kansas State Wildcats at 2:30 on Saturday in Boone Pickens. The game will again be nationally televised on ESPN2.