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High Noon Highlights(11/2): Mason Rudolph's Draft Prospects

It's high noon, here are your Oklahoma State sports highlights

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Rudolph could be at the top of draft eligible quarterbacks:

After a solid start in Morgantown last week, Pro Football Focus put out a graphic that shows where Mason Rudolph lands in comparison to other QBs that will be entering the draft this year. He ranks at the top in passer rating against pressure. He comes in at third for intermediate routes. His overall grade comes in at No.4.

We'll have to see where Rudolph lands on draft day, but it looks like the chances of Oklahoma State's quarterback going in the first round are pretty high.

Tre Flowers is hungry:

Awesome piece from John Helsley here. He asks how the Cowboys can try to contain Baker Mayfield, and Tre Flowers replies "you hit him." You gotta respect that they aren't scared of him. He talked about hitting him every chance you get. This Cowboy defense is ready for the challenge on Saturday.

Looking at Bedlam celebrations:

These are some awesome moments to capture on camera. Twitter user Doug Shivers posted two Bedlam-winning Oklahoma State quarter backs after their win. Josh Fields is pictured on the left in 2001, and Mason Rudolph in 2014 on the right. I was a freshman here when the 2014 win happened and I still remember what that moment felt like. It's awesome to see the excitement on their faces.


This throwback was shared today by College Sports Only. And while the irony is pretty funny, lets not have repeat of this on Saturday shall we?

That'll do it for today folks! #BeatOU