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CRFF Staff Predictions: Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State in Bedlam

Our staff offered up some thoughts about tomorrow’s game.

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Bedlam is upon us. It’s the best and worst time of the year, depending on how you look at it. Earlier this week, I asked our staff to give me their predictions for this week’s game. It should be a good one.

Our writers had a lot to say, so let’s get to it.

Micah Allen

This is gonna be a close game. It's completely up for grabs. I hate the thought of it coming down to a field goal with the way our special teams has been. But I think that's the way it's gonna end. Ammedola makes one when it counts. Not good for my anxiety but a win is a win. Oklahoma State, 48-45.

Cory Landes

The Cowboys won't be able to survive many fumbles and special teams blunders this week. I think they have a total of two of those in Bedlam but the defense does just enough to hang on for the win. Oklahoma State, 35-34.

Joel Penfield

I have gone back and forth all week on this game. Given the performance the last two years in Bedlam, there is not a lot of reason for confidence. But, I think this is the year the Cowboys do it. It'll be a close game, but I think the Cowboy defense gets a big stop at some point in the game to swing some momentum it the Pokes way. Oklahoma State 45-41.

Cullen Clark

I think Coach Gundy remembers the 2002 game where it was bombs away and Rudolph has a good game passing the ball. I think the Cowboys defense gets a couple of stops and maybe a turnover or two to provide the difference. Calvin Bundage applying pressure on Baker Mayfield is going to be huge. Oklahoma State, 42-38.

Will Hendrickson

I do not have a good feeling about this game. Like in recent years, I think OU and OSU stack up pretty evenly on the field. Great offenses, terrible special teams, and I'd even give OSU the edge on defense.

With that being said, my gut feeling says that OU makes the key plays in the game to put them over the top. As annoying as Baker Mayfield is, it's hard to deny that you would want him as your QB in a pressure game like this. It's also hard to ignore the problems that OSU creates for themselves time and time again; whether it's untimely turnovers, special teams disasters or stubborn play-calling, the Pokes never seem to make it easy. I would love to see Gundy/Yurcich throw everything they've got and attack OU's secondary with bomb after bomb...but if recent history tells us anything, they won't. We have the talent to win and are fully capable of doing so, but in the end I think OU squeaks out a victory in Stillwater. Hope I'm wrong. Oklahoma, 44-41.

Brodie Smith

These teams are pretty much evenly matched with strengths and weaknesses that should keep the game competitive throughout. I don't care much for history playing a factor, but when one team has won more than 80 of the annual matchups—compared to less than 20 by the good guys—it's difficult to keep from letting those thoughts sneak in. This year, the Pokes have the intangibles in its favor: home field, coaching experience, a more potent offense and a less suspect defense. But when Bedlam happens, well, Bedlam happens, and it has usually fallen in favor of that other school. It doesn't bother me that OSU would have to win 60 years straight to approach the .500 mark in this annual bloodbath. There's just no way I can pick them to lose this game because it means picking the other team to win. So, I'm taking the Cowboys to pull off the "upset" by double digits thanks to a defensive effort that doesn't shut down OU but forces Mayfield and Co. into critical mistakes the OSU offense can take advantage of. Oklahoma State, 42-24.

Robert Whetsell

Score Prediction...more points for the bad guys

I said this on Twitter:

Can we win? Of course, you idiots. But will we win? Probably not. That's not a big leap to make. The team is not going to start winning because we expect it. They will start winning more often when they have equivalent/superior talent and/or coaching. We've achieved the first part a few times. Haven't sniffed the second part yet.

Settle in for the annual tragedy.

Cade Webb

The worst part of this whole week has been trying to predict this game. I go back and forth with the hour. It’s best for me to act like it’s not happening.

That said, I feel good this year. I’m not going to get my hopes up, but I think the opportunity is there. Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are virtually equal on offense, but OSU has the superior defense. That gives them an edge. If they get after Baker Mayfield early on the defensive end, and are able to put up some points, then you’re going to get a rowdy environment in Stillwater.

If there were ever a team to beat Oklahoma, this would be it. I think OSU stacks up better with them than they ever have. Oklahoma State 44, Oklahoma 38.