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5 keys to the game: Oklahoma State vs. Wichita State

Let’s talk about what the Cowboys need to do to pull off the upset.

NCAA Basketball: Austin Peay at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The pokes take on what will be their toughest opponent yet in Gallagher-Iba Arena when the No.6 Wichita State Shockers head into Stillwater. I’ve put together a list of five things the Cowboys have to do in order to send the Shockers out with a loss.

  1. Mitch has to stay out of foul trouble

Mitchell Solomon has been a great big man for the Pokes this year. And one big change I’ve noticed is he’s cut the amount of fouls down considerably. He hasn’t been in danger of fouling out as much if any this year. In years past, he was fouling out quite a bit and guys could make him make a wrong move and draw the foul. He’s gotten better and controlling where his body is so he can play defense without drawing so many fouls that are avoidable. As a senior his leadership is important and it’s be gonna major he keeps that up and is able to stay on the court.

2. Jeffrey Carroll for 3

It’s gonna be key that he’s smart about the shots he takes. He’s gonna need to be accurate from the 3-point line and make some shots. He’s been our best shooter so far this year and we have a way better game when he’s hot from the three point line. The other players are gonna have to help him out and make sure he stays open.

3. Guard Shaquille Morris

He’s gonna have to have someone knowing where he’s at on the court at all time. If at all possible double teaming him. I wasn’t super familiar with him but after hearing some of the other writers in Slack chat, he’s gonna be a thorn in the Cowboys’ side all day. He’s averaging 14.6 points a game and is a lot of WSU’s points. If the points can handle him then they’ve got a chance. Side note: if your name is Shaquille you have to be good at basketball, it’s kind of a rule.

4. Be aggressive on offense

This has been a really aggressive team on defense, but they’ve looked really tired and out of energy on offense at times. With the way the Shockers have been playing they’re gonna have to find a way to be amped up and ready to play all game. They’ve looked like they just are going through the motions. They’re gonna have to stay focused and not let their guard down. If that happens this game could slip through their fingers very quickly.

5.Rowdy fans

This has been a really hot topic recently that a lot of people have been talking about. GIA has been really quiet the past few games. That’s gonna have to change. The players are gonna be really excited and the fans are gonna have to be just as energetic. Make the floor in Gallagher-Iba rumble. I know OSU are capable of this I’ve had headaches from that arena before. Your team needs you on Saturday. Be there and be lit. You won’t regret it I promise. Come out and help your team get this win and say you were there when we took down the No.6 team in the nation.