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Cowboy Football Recruiting: Q & A with Brock Martin

The 3-star defensive end commit talks about wrestling, his family connection to the Seattle Seahawks, and his favorite country artist.

It’s National Signing Day and one of the players expected to sign his Letter of Intent with Oklahoma State is Brock Martin, a defensive end from Oologah, Oklahoma. He committed to Oklahoma State back on June 1st, 2016.

During his senior year, Brock was the Oklahoma All-State Defensive Player of the Year. He totaled 152 tackles (17 for loss), 17 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles.

I was able to talk on the phone with Brock earlier this week and ask him a few questions:

Joel Penfield: When you took your official visit on January 21st, what was it like?

Brock Martin: “It was good, I had a lot to fun. I got to meet a lot of the recruits, all of them actually. They’re all my kind of people, chasing dreams and wanting to do big things in Stillwater.”

JP: As a whole, what was the recruiting process like? What set Oklahoma State apart for you during that process?

BM: “It was fun. My first big offer was Texas Tech and everyone thought I was going to go there after they offered me. But offers kept coming in, I had to make some decisions and cut some teams out. Then OSU offered, which was big because I have always been an OSU fan since I was 2, 3, and 4 years old. It’s kind of hard to turn down the team you’ve always wanted to play for.”

JP: Which OSU coaches recruited you the most during the process?

BM: “Coach Clements and Coach Spencer were the two big ones, and then after I committed Coach Gundy kind of came along and he’s been visiting with me more and more.

JP: You wrestle as well, you’re a two time state champion. Was it ever a possibility that you would wrestle in college? Or was football mostly your priority?

BM: “My sophomore year, before I tore my ACL, going into my junior year I was actually going to go on a trip to Pennsylvania on the national team for Oklahoma and wrestle. But, then I tore my ACL in a spring (football) scrimmage and didn’t. Then I talked to my coach, and I couldn’t go, there was no way. Then I had surgery, and wrestling was kind of out of the question at that point. Wrestling on the national level is a really big recruiting part of wrestling, and once I couldn’t do that I changed my priority to football.”

JP: Speaking of wrestling, how is the season going for you so far?

BM: “It’s going good, I think I’m 15-0 right now.”

JP: Why should Oklahoma State fans be excited about you?

BM: “I don’t stop, I keep going. I’ve faced a lot of adversity in my life, with injuries and doctors telling me ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do this.’ I just push forward, and you can’t tell me no.”

JP: How do you think playing with guys like Cole Walterscheid, Jarrell Owens and Jordan Brailford will help you in the future?

BM: “Well, I really hope they take me under their wing and show me what they’ve learned since they have been in college because college is a lot different level of playing than high school. They’ve been there and they’ve done it, and once they go on their way to the next level or leave, I’m hoping they’ll just tell me what to do and what to expect, help me in the weight room, stuff like that.

JP: Alright those were the football questions, now let’s give our readers a chance to know a little bit more about you. We’ll start off simple, what’s your favorite food?

BM: “Favorite food has got to be a cheeseburger, gotta be.”

JP: Who is your favorite NFL team and your favorite NFL player?

BM: “NFL team Dallas Cowboys, NFL player would have to be Von Miller.

JP: I’m a Seahawks fan myself, so I guess both our teams had a tough time in the playoffs this year.

BM: “My uncle (Terry Beeson) played for the Seattle Seahawks. He was actually their leading tackler until (Bobby) Wagner beat it this year.

JP: What is your favorite type of music and favorite artist?

BM: My favorite type of music, is a variety of music. If I’m gonna go with hip-hop it’s gotta be Drake, if I’m going country it’s gotta be George Strait.”

JP: Do you have any gameday superstitions or any ritual you have to do on gameday?

BM: “In high school I wore the same pair of underwear and the same pair of socks every single game. For home, it would be the same pair of black socks, and for away games it would be the same pair of white socks. I washed them of course.”

JP: Last question here, are you doing anything for Signing Day?

BM: "Just gonna go in my high school foyer with seven other kids that are signing for football at the next level. I’m doing that with them at 11:30 on Wednesday.”

Thank you to Brock for taking the time to do the interview! Look for him to sign on Wednesday afternoon, along with the rest of the class of 2017!