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Coach Arroyo Says Goodbye to Oklahoma State

Arroyo thanks Gundy, OSU fans on Twitter

This morning, Oklahoma State football fans are still shocked by the news that Running Backs Coach and Ace Recruiter Marcus Arroyo is leaving the program and heading to Oregon. Arroyo will take over as the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Ducks under new head coach Willie Taggart.

However, before heading out of town, Arroyo was kind enough to tweet out a “thank you” to Oklahoma State, Head Coach Mike Gundy and Cowboy fans for his two years in Stillwater.

Now that we’ve had some time to deal with this, we shouldn’t be too surprised by Arroyo’s decision to head to the West Coast. He was born in California, played quarterback for San Jose State in college, and has previously coached at his alma mater and the University of California. Outside of his two seasons in Stillwater as coach of the running backs, the majority of Arroyo’s coaching career has been spent coaching quarterbacks or as offensive coordinator.

I’m sad to see him go. Oklahoma State is losing a great coach, a fantastic recruiter, and one of my favorite coach twitter follows. Thank you Arroyo for your two years in Stillwater, for turning around the running back position, and for giving us #rarebreed.