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STAFF THOUGHTS: Revisiting Saturday’s win over Texas

Our staff gives its thoughts on that blowout win over Texas.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve allowed the dust to settle from that demolition of Texas, and we’re back with another staff thoughts post. We tried this out against Oklahoma two weeks ago and it was a hit.

This time, we welcome the opinions of CRFF contributors Micah Allen and Joel Penfield, and Associate Editor Phillip Slavin.

Let’s get to it.

Phillip Slavin

  • The beginning and the end of the game showed us what happens when OSU is not engaged in games. I’m not saying the team didn’t come out to play, but Texas started the game outscoring the Cowboys 23-15 and finished it outscoring them 15-8. I realize it’s nitpicking, but good teams (which Texas is not) don’t go through scoring droughts like the Longhorns did.
  • Of all the great things Jeffrey Carroll has done this season, this shot might be the most spectacular.
  • I was at OSU in 2003-04, the last time the Cowboys went to the Final Four. I remember how rowdy those games got. This is the first time since Eddie left that I think the crowds have come close to those levels. First, bravo to the fans and students who get their for games. Second, I thought the rowdy could come back to GIA, but I honestly didn’t think it would happen so quickly.
  • The fact that this Texas team scored 82 points against Oklahoma State in Austin tells you how bad the Cowboys were defensively at the start of Big 12 play and how amazing the turnaround has really been.
  • With the win over Texas, Oklahoma State is now 5-7 in Big 12 play, two wins away from .500, and they get TCU on the road and Bedlam at home this week. Had you told me that after OSU’s sixth straight loss to open the season, I would have looked at you like this...

Micah Allen

  • I’m really impressed with the work the student section has done. From my freshman year to now, the difference is night and day. I lose my voice almost every game.
  • This team is not the same team that started Big 12 play. They’ve made so much improvement and it’s paying off. After the last time these two teams met, there’s no way I would believe you if you said we’d win this game by the margin that we did. I might even have laughed in your face.
  • The Big 12 is tough. Despite the final score, Texas had some good plays and outscored the Cowboys 23-15 to start the game. This game could have gone poorly for the Cowboys very quickly.
  • Davon Dillard is gonna be huge for the Cowboys the entire time he’s here. He can make plays, like this one. The man can dunk.

Joel Penfield

  • Bottom line, this team is fun to watch. They play a style of basketball that is fun, but the team itself is what I love. They have a certain swagger that can’t be taught. They have a camaraderie that comes from buying into the system Brad Underwood has put in place.
  • Surprisingly, Mitchell Solomon is a great defender. But, he fouls so much it negates what he can do on the defensive end of the floor. Coach Underwood has said on multiple occasions he’s one of the best defenders on the team, even going so far as to calling him “elite.” From what I can watch, he knows where he needs to be on rotations, and he goes to his help. The problem is, is that he is about a half second to late getting to his help that he ends up fouling. If he can see the play just a little bit sooner, it will save him some foul trouble.
  • Can we please get a Cameron McGriff vs. Davon Dillard dunk contest sometime soon? I would pay to see that.
  • During the tear the Cowboys have been on, I haven’t heard many people talk about how well they are shooting free throws. In the last 7 games, as a team the Cowboys are 136-166 on free throws, or 82%. That is phenomenal. If they can keep that up, it will lead to a lot more victories.
  • It’s been said multiple times already, but the fact that GIA is getting big crowds already is incredible. It is a testament to the culture change that Brad Underwood is trying to establish. It is happening already in his first year, I cannot wait to see what it is like after a few years. We just might see 13,611 night in and night out.

We’ve given our thoughts, but we want to know what you have to say. Drop a thought or two in the comments below.