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Five Thoughts At Halftime

What I noticed after the first 20 minutes

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

OSU currently trails the Sooners 53-44, something I don’t think anyone realistically expected to see. Not even Sooner fans.

I wrote notes while I watched the first half. Here’s five of them.

  • The Sooners had 53 first-half points. That’s more than they scored against West Virginia and Florida, total.
  • 19 of OSU’s 34 first-half shots were threes, and they only made 7 of them. That’s not good. Not the misses, the number of attempts. Go to the rim. A team that shoots as well as it does from the free throw line, needs to get to the line more.
  • OU shot 57% in the first half. At one point that was 62%. That can’t continue... can it? Joel doesn’t think so.
  • The fans were fantastic in the first half. I could feel the energy through my television. If OSU can retake the lead in the second half, they might get the loudest they’ve been all season.
  • OSU IS STILL IN THIS GAME. They’re going to have to lock down on defense, and stop playing sloppy. 6 turnovers and 14 fouls won’t get it done in the second half.