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LOOK: A Look at the #Magnificent17 Recruits’ Hometowns

How far did some recruits have to travel to get to their new home?

Some people have the gift of knowing roughly where a lot of places are just by glancing at a map. For example, many Oklahomans can tell you where Bixby (home of Brendon Evers) is just by looking at the outline of the state of Oklahoma. Many people can do the same with Fort Worth, Texas (home of the Wallace twins).

But what about Santa Clara, California (home of Sione Finefeuiaki)? Or Spanish Fork, Utah (home of Fua Leilua)? Or even better yet, Ypsilanti, Michigan (home of Arlington Hambright)? Probably not very many.

That’s where I come in. I made an interactive map of all 22 recruits’ hometowns, and put it all in to one tidy little post for you.

*Disclaimer: I put the recruits into groups by their positions, but BatchGeo would only let six different positions be different colors before lumping the rest of the positions into the “other” category. If you want to see exactly what position each recruit is, feel free to click on them, or scroll down to the master list.

“A” is set for Boone Pickens Stadium, so you can see just how far every recruit had to travel to get to Stillwater, Oklahoma to wear the orange and black.

So, without further ado, here is the map of where the #Magnificent17 recruits are from.

View Oklahoma State Recruitment Map in a full screen map