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Oklahoma State Fans Pick Kansas as Biggest Basketball Rival

KU narrowly claimed the title “Biggest Basketball Rivalry” over OU.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week I ran a poll asking Oklahoma State fans who they thought OSU’s biggest rival in basketball was.

Despite the Bedlam rivalry being the king in football, it seems the majority of Cowboy fans don’t view the Sooners that way in basketball.

Not that it was a blow out victory, but the majority with 53% of the vote is a win for KU. I wonder how fans would have voted if the poll started after Monday’s wild win in Norman.

Some fans were kind enough to offer some thoughts in the poll’s comments section..

“It's OU. Hands down, even though Kansas is always the at the top of the league. Kansas would be 2nd in my opinion” - POISON

“Neither. Let’s not kid ourselves. KU has no rival in the Big 12. Not even close. OU could be our rival, I guess. But do you really care about their basketball team? I don’t think we actually have one. But if we did it would be Baylor.” - Big Tink

OSU still has home games against both Kansas and Oklahoma. It will be interesting to see how fans show up to each one, and if the findings of the poll hold true.