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Seven Thoughts at Halftime: Texas Tech

OSU doing it AGAIN to Texas Tech

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s halftime and Oklahoma State is currently beating Texas Tech 45-27. A win today guarantees the pokes will finish no worse than .500 in Big 12 play. They started 0-6. That’s ridiculous.

I had plenty of thoughts as I watched the first 20 minutes of this game. Here’s seven.

  • The student section was packed, loud, and rowdy. Thank you students. The upper deck? Not so much. It’s going to take some more time before the arena is packed on a regular basis. Still, if you can get to a game in Stillwater, especially late in the season, you should. Fans asked for a coaching change and a competitive team. You got one, now show up for games against teams not named Kansas and OU.
  • Tech is the best example of a team that is better than its record. They play like it too. It shouldn’t be surprising. Their best players are Juniors and Seniors. They don’t have the talent of other teams in the league, but experience, especially in college basketball which has become so one-and-done heavy, is incredibly valuable.

That being said, they played sloppy in the first 20 and took a LOT of jumpers.

  • Can we get a dunk contest between Dillard and Carroll? Five dunks each, can use the rest of the team and props for help. OSU could do it the morning of the football Spring Game and get Markel Brown and Desmond Mason as judges. Even if they charged a $5 admission, I think the crowd would be bigger than all of the non-conference games. I know I’d pay to see it.
  • No matter how many times I see Forte hit a shot from near half court, I am always amazed. You’d think at this point I’d be used to it, but nope. Still makes my jaw drop. I’m going to miss that when he’s gone.
  • Jeffrey Carroll and Phil Forte combined for 27 points in the first half. that’s how many Texas Tech scored. Total. No commentary necessary.
  • Who is more important for OSU off the bench; Dillard or Averette? Dillard may put up more numbers and have bigger dunks and plays, but I think it’s Averette. There isn’t much drop off when he’s on the floor. Heck, there have been games where he helped lead a comeback. He’s never going to be the starter for OSU, but I think he could end up being the Cowboys’ best back-up point guard since JamesOn Curry.
  • Oklahoma State is up 18 at half in a game where Evans scored 0 points. Wow. He did have five assists, three rebounds, and no turnovers.


If Oklahoma State holds on to win today, and Kansas State (@OU) and TCU (vs West Virginia) lose, the Pokes will be guaranteed to finish no worse than 5th in the Big 12 this season.