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A Week In Review: Feb 20th - 26th

Catching you up on last week’s happenings!

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Dudes and Dudettes. Didn’t have time to follow Oklahoma State Athletics last week? Don’t worry, I gotchu. Don’t feel guilty, we all have busy lives. Some people bury themselves in work, some take time to travel, some are studying for exams. I have been binge watching Entourage, and I’m half way to finishing it for the third time. So, I hope you enjoy A Week In Review: Entourage Edition.


Uhhh, GREAT week for Oklahoma State basketball. The Cowboys went to Manhattan, Kansas to defeat the Wildcats 80-68, and they beat Texas Tech at home 80-63.

Taming the Wildcats

After an even first half of basketball, Oklahoma State came out of the lockerroom with a fire under their butts. Leyton Hammonds played the best half of basketball I’ve seen him play in a while, as he scored 13 points in the second half and more importantly, snatched 7 rebounds. Jawun Evans also had a great second half. He was getting into the lane and earning trips to the free throw line, going a perfect 8-8 at the line. Brandon Averette (Waterbug) is blossoming before our eyes and you can really tell that the game is starting to slow down for him. He is simply quicker than most of the defenders trying to stay in front of him, and he is using his waterbug abilities to create his own shot. He was a perfect 6-6 on the day, which gave Brad Underwood comfort in giving Jawun Evans a little more time on the bench. The Cowboys also had an incredible defensive half of basketball, holding Kansas State to 30% shooting.

Micah broke down the game here.

Wrecked ‘Em

Cade Webb with the zinger:

I love beating Tech. Not as much as beating OU, but boyyyyy do I love beating Tech. Anyways, the Big 3 (Evans, Forte, Carroll) really love beating Tech too, as they combined to score 47 points. Not much to talk about here. The Cowboys looked like they were playing against the JV in the first half. The start of the second half didn’t look good at all, but Oklahoma State regrouped and finished Tech off easily.

Check out our staff’s thoughts after the Texas Tech win.

  • Allison Gappa sits down with Davon Dillard, and I become a bigger and bigger Dillard fan every day:


Slowish time for football. The boys are working hard and finishing up their Spring semester. There were a few things of note:

  • Mike Gundy spoke with Barry Melrose on SportsCenter last week. Barry Melrose, you know, the hockey guy? Well the SC producers apparently thought that Barry and Mike would hit it off, and they were 100% right.
  • J.D. King. Kinda strong.


We all watched the College World Series at the end of last season, and saw that our bats never showed up in Omaha. Well, turns out that we found them in Tempe, AZ and at Allie P. The Cowboys plated 18 on the Arizona State Sundevils on Tuesday, and a combined 27 runs in the Texas State series.

(2/21) OSU @ ASU - W - 18-4

(2/24) TSU @ OSU - W - 10-7

(2/25) TSU @ OSU - L - 11-12

(2/26) TSU @ OSU - W - 6-3

After a rough opening series against Grand Canyon, it was nice to see the Cowboys get rollin’ again.

Joel breaks down the Texas State series here.

Rickie Watch

Former Poke, Rickie Fowler, won The Honda Classic PGA Tour event this past weekend, and YA BOY IS WILDIN’!

Rickie shot a 66, 66, 65 and 71 during the tournament and finished at a -12, four strokes ahead of Morgan Hoffman and Gary Woodland. Rickie was making us sweat during his final round, but ultimately finished ahead of the pack. According to, Rickie was 57-57 putting from within 7 feet. That’s good. How good? Like, if Tim Duncan decided he was tired of retirement, and joined the PGA Tour, his short putting percentages would look like that. That’s how good going 57-57 from within 7 feet is.

Oh baby...

If you have 20 minutes to spare, check out the Rickie Fowler press conference here.

Who would win the matchup between Rickie Fowler and Johnny Drama?

Around the Big 12


Baker Mayfield Arrest

That feeling when you look at the schedule and you have to play Home Mason in early November...

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield was booked into jail Saturday morning after being arrested and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while partying in Fayetteville, Ark. Source.

C’mon Baker. I know Norman sucks, but it’s not even Row Week yet and your going nuts in Fayetteville? Not a great look.

Baker is catching a lot of flak for this, and OU fans are being very protective of him, but the deal is... it’s really not that big of a deal. We all did stupid stuff in college (,or maybe I’m speaking for myself). Most of us were just too smart to get caught **winks**. I’m sure Baker, who is well over the drinking age, will get a nice slap on the wrist from Bobby, and we’ll all move on with our lives. I’m just preparing you for what is going to happen OSU fans, so try not to get your panties in a twist when Baker doesn’t receive the punishment you think he deserves.

Baylor Stuff, Again

To loosely paraphrase, “if you meet any parents who are skeptical about sending their daughter to a school that is currently under scrutiny and accusation of some terrible things, you should hit them in the face.”

**Gets punched in the face** “You know what, you’re right. I will send my daughter to Baylor. You convinced me.” Good advice, Kimmy.

Hey Kim, need some PR help? I doubt you could afford me, but here’s a tip on the house. Lay low, girl friend. Lay low.

What’s Going On This Week

  • Men’s basketball is in Ames, IA to take on the Cyclones tonight, and then Kansas comes to Stillwater on March 4th. The Kansas game is our last game before the Big 12 Tourney, and it will be a big one. Get tickets now!
  • Women’s basketball Big 12 tourny starts March 3rd.
  • The baseball team takes on Saint Louis on March 1st and then heads to Frisco for the Frisco College Baseball Classic.
  • Big 12 Wrestling Chapionships start on March 4th.
  • Women’s Tennis is in Seattle to take on Washington and Northwestern on the 3rd and 4th of March.

Bonus: Writer’s Note

I need to address last week’s missing AWIR after one of the craziest weeks Oklahoma State athletics has had in a while... let me explain. It was a normal Saturday night in Stillwater. One of my ol’ college buddies picked me up in Tulsa, and we drove to our alma mater to catch a game of hoops between in-state rivals, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Turns out they oversold the game and standing wasn’t allowed? Hey, whatever. They don’t serve adult beverages to all the peons in the stands, so I wasn’t too upset. We met up with the gang at The Garage to watch the remainder of the game. (better than Joes. Don’t @ me.) The Cowboys decided that they would stop playing down to their competion sometime in the second half, and pulled out a 96-92 victory over big brother.

We decided to start a post game victory parade that ended at Outlaws, (because Murphy’s is dead? How did y’all let this happen?) Lots of celebrating happened on the upper floor of Outlaws. At some point, I ran into editor and chief, Cade Webb, and I think he ordered me an appletini... Anyways, the night goes on, and the celebration continues. Next thing I know, I wake up in the back of a moving pickup truck in the desert. It’s not until I see a road sign for Laredo, TX that I realized that I made a grave mistake.

Turns out I joined a traveling mariachi band, and we were headed to Monterrey, Mexico for our next gig. I explained to Miguel, Arturo, Juan Manuel and Javy that I couldn’t in fact play the trumpet, and they very graciously took me to the Greyhound station just north of the border, and I was Tulsa bound. I learned a lot of things that Sunday morning, but most of all, I learned that it is hard to write a huge article on your iPhone while riding on a greyhound bus traveling from Laredo, TX to Tulsa, OK. My apologies CRFF readers. Also, I am accepting movie offers for my story. Hit me up on Twitter.

Hey Oklahoma State, don’t over sell your tickets, because one of your fans might end up playing trumpet in a mariachi band in Monterrey, Mexico. Just a heads up.

Don’t worry guys, A Week In Review is baaack!