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Cowboy Basketball: A Look Back at Our Preseason Predictions

How have Phillip and I done thus far into the season?

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

If you remember, Phillip and I did a seven part series predicting the entire basketball season before the Cowboys ever took the floor against Pittsburg State.

The Cowboys are at the halfway point of the Big 12 schedule, and currently holding a 15-8 record (we are including Pitt State, even though they are an exhibition), with 3-6 in the Big 12.

So, how did we do in our preseason predictions? Let’s find out.

Part 1: The Cupcakes

We predicted the Cowboys would roll over these cupcakes, and they did. We were fine with the teams being nobodies and bottom of the pack. The first three teams with a new head coach shouldn’t be super difficult, and it wasn’t for Brad Underwood.

Our Prediction: 3-0
Actual Outcome: 3-0
Percent Correct: 100%

Part 2: The Monster Maui Invitational

This was tough for us to predict. We had no idea going in how this team would be, and the Maui Invitational was LOADED. That being said, we tried our best, and didn’t do too bad.

Our Prediction: 1-2
Actual Outcome: 2-1
Percent Correct: 66%

Part 3: The First True Road Tests

This is the point of the schedule when we faced Rogers State at home, then went to Tulsa and to Maryland. We should have won in Maryland, and were a split second from doing so, but such is life.

Our Prediction: 2-1
Actual Outcome: 2-1
Percent Correct: 100%

Part 4: The End of the Beginning

This was a mixed bag of games, with UAPB, Wichita State, Texas A&M-CC, and we also threw the SEC/Big 12 Challenge with Arkansas in here. We predicted a 3-1 record, with OSU falling on the road to Wichita State (lol silly us).

Our Prediction: 3-1
Actual Outcome: 4-0
Percent Correct: 75%

So after non-conference play, we predicted the Cowboys would have a 9-4 record. They came into Big 12 play owning an 11-2 record - counting the Pitt State game. We were 82% correct in our predictions.

Now, on to the conference play.

This is a little tougher to project, since we aren’t completely done with our schedule, but let’s just check and see if we are still on track to be correct.

We decided that a 10-8 record in conference play was not unattainable for the Cowboys. Due to the six game skid to start Big 12 play, the Cowboys don’t have a lot of wiggle room if we are going to be correct in our predictions.

However, the Cowboys are on a four game winning streak. The Cowboys look to go into Morgantown and extend their winning streak to five games and improve their tournament resumé.

Our Prediction: 19-12 (10-8 Big 12)
Current Record: 15-8 (4-6 Big 12)
Status: On Track

So Cowboys fans, what are your thoughts on the Cowboys’ season thus far? Do you think they will finish the Big 12 at least 4-4 to make our overall prediction correct? Or will they finish 6-2 in the Big 12 to make our conference prediction correct?

Also, overall, what are your thoughts 2/3 of the way through the season? We are rounding third and headed home. How do you think the Cowboys will finish the season? Let us know in the comments.