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A Week in Review: Jan 30th - Feb 5th

Catching you up on last week’s happenings.

Oklahoma State v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Hey dudes. Were you too wrapped up in Super Bowl coverage last week to keep up with the Cowboys? Don’t worry, I gotchu. It was a busy week for Oklahoma State athletics and the rest of the Big 12, so let’s get into it.

Well first, two quick notes about the Super Bowl:

  1. You can really tell how much Tom Brady loves playing football, and it is a blast to watch.
  2. More importantly, the moment when you find out Stranger Things Season 2 isn’t being released until Halloween:


Last week was banana land, y’all! The Oklahoma State men’s basketball team went 2-and-0, taking down OU and West Virginia, and they did it in style. Coach Underwood and his squad are in rhythm, as they have now won five games in a row.


This was one of the ugliest wins of the season, but the ending was oh-so beautiful. Micah had the recap here.

Usually when you walk into a gym that your team hasn’t won in since 2004, and your three best players (Evans, Forte and Carroll) shoot a combined 10-of-39, that’s a loss. Not this year. I don’t know how this happened, but the Pokes overcame their woes and stole one away from the Sooners. The fact that this game was so close is frustrating. This is not the Final Four Oklahoma squad that we saw last year after losing Buddy Hield, Ryan Spangler and Isaiah Cousins. Oklahoma is rebuilding, and Oklahoma State should’ve put a whomping on them, but they didn’t. We’ll have to have a better showing in the next go around on the 18th.

Instead of complaining, I’ll get to the good stuff! Let’s see how the game ended:


Press Virginia **eye roll**

Our first meeting with West Virginia didn’t go so well, as they whooped us 92-75 in our conference opener. This time around, a much different story.

First Half Recap:

If I don’t have a new job in social media/graphic design with Google by next week’s AWIR, it’s a shame. Jeffrey Carroll opened up the game on FIRE! He was hitting from behind the arc and finishing at the rim. Carroll finished the first half leading all scorers with 17. Both team’s offenses were clicking on all cylinders (except for some expected turnovers), and this one was looking like the team with the ball last would likely win.

Second Half Recap:

The Oklahoma State defense tightened up defensively in the second half. Simple as that. OSU held WVU to under 36% from the field while outrebounding them 18-8. That’s a recipe for a win, and the Pokes come out on top 82-75. Micah recapped the game here.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Davon Dillard did some stuff.


Baker Being Baker

Oh man, that’s cool! An Oklahoma State recruit is really pumped about the team he is joining! Gotta love the exciteme... NOOOOOOOPE!

Baker wasn’t having it. He had to remind Fua who “little brother” was. Then, Tyron Johnson steps in, and well, you know how it goes. To paraphrase, Baker says “scoreboard” and Tyron’s says something like, “Cash me ouside on November 4th, how bou dah?" The OU band starts playing “Boomer Sooner” for some reason. It’s all on Twitter, just go check it out for yourself.

P.S. Hey OU fans, don’t pretend like Bedlam isn’t an important rivalry for you when your Heisman finalist quarterback is spending time looking at our recruit’s Twitter accounts. Jusssayin.

P.S.S. I may be alone by thinking this way, but to me, “Little Brother” is not an insult. It’s what we are. OU is just south of the capitol, OSU is in the middle of nowhere. OU caters to the private school kids, OSU caters to the farm kids. OU gets the 5 and 4-star guys, OSU gets the 3-star guys. We are “little brother,” but guess what. Sometimes, being little brother is FUN. Being little brother makes every touchdown more electric, every homerun more majestic, every dunk more explosive, and every victory... well, being little brother makes every victory that much sweeter.

National Signing Day

Signing day has passed, and it happened just the way we expected it to. No big surprises. Phillip, Micah and Tyler did an outstanding job covering NSD for the website. You can see their thread here. Also, you can find our final recap of National Signing Day here.

“Honey, where the hell is my coffee mug?!?!” — Mark Mangino

Greg Adkins Dismissed

On Friday, Mark Cooper reported that Greg Adkins, Oklahoma State offensive line coach, has been released. Our best and brightest writer broke it down here. The O-line had a solid season after a horrendous 2015 campaign. By performance alone, this coaching move may seem very confusing, but OSU failed to bring in a single 4-year eligible offensive lineman. Some fault has to be put on Adkins’ shoulders for that, right?

There was talk about Tracin Wallace bringing back the Walsh Package, but we may have to put him on the Vince Wilfork diet, and turn him into a pulling guard. You’re cool with that, right Tracin? Guys, we need to get an o-line coach who can get some kids to Stillwater. This is ridiculous.

Around the Big 12


Keep on keepin’ on Coach Underwood.

Winona Ryder, call me.

What’s Been Happening at CRFF?

  • Before the basketball season started, Philip Slavin and Tyler Wiederhoeft did a 7-part series in which they predicted the outcomes of the basketball season. They readdressed those predictions last week. Check it out!
  • CRFF Roundtable! You don’t really have to read that, because I forgot to participate.
  • Continuing on with our recruiting interviews, Brock Martin spoke with us about his decision to commit to OSU, his high school wrestling career, his favorite music and what color undergarments he likes to wear on gamedays.
  • A few staff members dropped some postgame thoughts after Bedlam. Tyler complained about layups, Cade told him to “chill bro” and Sumer just decided to write some impactful words after a bottle or two of wine. Cupcake Moscato, I’m sure. This is why I love this staff!

What’s Going On This Week?

  • Men’s basketball has a YUUUGE game against Baylor on our home floor on Wednesday. Texas comes to Stillwater on the 11th.
  • The women’s basketball team hits the road as they visit Lawrence, KS (2/8) and Morgantown, WV (2/11).
  • The wrestling team takes on Wyoming at home on Friday, and Bedlam wrestling goes down in Stillwater on Sunday! Get your tickets!
  • Women’s tennis is still on a roll, and National Team Indoor Championships start on Friday and go through next Monday.

Go Pokes!