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JUCO Offensive Lineman Commits to Oklahoma State

Gundy is one piece closer to his four O-linmen goal

On National Signing Day, Head Coach Mike Gundy made a couple of interesting comments. One, that the team still had a scholarship available to offer. The second...

“We were going to take four [offensive lineman]. We had a couple committed for a long time but we lost them. It’s extremely difficult to make up ground in the third week in December at that position, especially on a four-year player.

Today, it looks like Gundy is one piece closer to that four OL goal. Last week, NEO A&M offensive guard Larry Joubert Jr. announced that we was committing to the Cowboys.

The 6-foot-4, 265-lb. guard, who played for Douglas High School out of Oklahoma City, originally signed with New Mexico out of high school. However, he didn’t meet academic requirements and ended up at NEO A&M.

OSU hasn’t said that the open scholarship has gone to Joubert, which means to me the team is still on the lookout for another lineman for the 2017 class. I expect we’ll hear news of a graduate transfer sometime in the near future.