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Staff Thoughts: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State Part 2

Our staff breaks down a tough loss in Ames

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a rough one. Now that we’ve had a chance to process, our staff gave their thoughts on the game.

Micah Allen:

  • I hate losing like this. We had so many chances and just couldn't make it happen. But alas, that's sports.
  • I think this gets the team fired up for Kansas. Close losses and poor officiating leave a bad taste that you want to get rid of.
  • All that being said, this was a much closer game than I thought it would be. It was in Ames on senior night. That's a tough one to win on even your best night. To only lose by three in the final few seconds is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • This team is a tournament team. As Doug Gottlieb tweeted, “you don't want Oklahoma State in your bracket”
  • I love this team’s fight. They never gave up.
  • I'm excited to see what this team does against KU on Saturday, and then into the post season.
  • Road Hammonds is best Hammonds
  • Jawun Evans is no joke. He kept the Cowboys in the game.
  • I'm not one to blame a game on officiating, but I don't understand how in the world that last call could get overturned. Its almost like giving someone an untimed down.

Tyler Wiederhoeft

  • Well, I learned that there are not refs that are exclusively assigned to the Big 12 in basketball like there are in football. Thanks to Colin Price for spreading that knowledge.
  • Hilton is today what I hope GIA will be in the near future (like, Saturday).
  • This Oklahoma State team does not quit. Travis Ford would have thrown in the towel when the team went down by double digits midway through the second half.
  • This OSU team is a damn good team. Iowa State misses a couple 3-pointers, and the game is completely different. That’s because the Cowboys consistently kept battling back and making the Cyclones earn the victory on senior night.
  • Mitchell Solomon gets called for the weakest fouls. It’s ridiculous. Imagine how much more aggressive he could be if he wouldn’t get called for going up and contesting shots.
  • I want to face Iowa State in the Big 12 tournament. I really do. I’m willing to bet they won’t shoot like that again, and if they don’t hit from beyond the arc at the pace they did tonight, they are in trouble.
  • I still think the Cowboys could get a five seed in the NCAA Tournament if they beat Kansas thoroughly. Maybe they don’t want it though. If OSU gets a six or a seven seed, they avoid potentially playing the one seed in the region in the third-round matchup. They have to avoid an eight seed though, as that sets up a potential 1 vs. 8 matchup in the second round.
  • There’s no way Jawun Evans stays after the season, is there?
  • Yes, this loss sucks. But it could be worse. We could’ve lost to OU or Texas (again).

Joel Penfield

  • I love the fact that the team battled to the very end. I thought they were out of it with about five minutes left, but boy was I wrong.
  • Death. Taxes. Jawun Evans. The fact he can take over a game at will is scary. I can't wait to see what he'll do against KU.
  • The defense has to do a better job on the perimeter. Iowa State loves to jack up threes, and KU has a couple knockdown shooters on their team. We need our guards to close out on shooters and not let them get open shots.
  • “Hilton Magic” isn't real, it's just the refs playing to the crowd and giving them what they want. I hate blaming the refs for anything, but my goodness there were some horrible calls last night.
  • The inbounds play (that was out on Iowa State) was poorly drawn up by OSU. With Monte Morris face guarding Evans, it was very difficult to get the ball in. We needed Hammonds or another big to set a cross screen so Evans could get open and get up the floor easily. Jeffrey Carroll tried to force a pass that wasn't there and the other three guys on the floor with Evans needed to come to the ball to help. Overall, the execution was bad on the last play, leading to the controversial ending.
  • If the Cowboys play Iowa State again, the Cowboys will win.