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Cowgirl Softball win Two in first day of Ole Miss Classic

the Cowgirls continue their hot streak

The Cowgirl Softball team is on a roll recently. After going 4-1 in the Mizumo Classic, and winning two games earlier this week, including one historic victory, the Cowgirls are off to a good start at the Ole Miss Classic. They started the tournament off with back-to-back wins on Friday.

Eastern Kentucky: The Cowgirls had a shut-out ball game to open up the Ole Miss Classic beating the Colonels 6-0.

The Cowgirl bats were hot in this one with Taylor Lynch, Mackenzie Thomas, and Jessi Haffner all having RBIs. Taylor Lynch earned herself two after an RBI double got Rylee Bayless and Alex Edinger across home plate in the fourth and then an RBI single in the 6th to bring Rylee Bayless to third where she would score on an error.

The Cowgirl Pitching staff had a good day too, with Shea Coats pitching a complete game and only giving up 3 hits.

Meanwhile the Eastern Kentucky pitching staff, lead by Alex Sallberg, gave up 9 hits and 6 runs.

Jackson State: The Cowgirl bats stayed hot for the second game beating Jackson State 11-2.

Rylee Bayless led the Cowgirls with three runs and a hit. In all, 10 Cowgirls scored runs in the game.

The Cowgirl pitching staff also continued their day with Barbie Biggerstaff getting the win after giving up 5 hits and 2 runs.

Meanwhile the Jackson State pitching staff, lead by Sybil Lazano, gave up 8 hits and 11 runs.

UP NEXT: Saturday the Cowgirls will play a double header against No. 22 Ole Miss at 3:00 p.m. and Bowling Green and 5:30 p.m.