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CRFF Prediction: Where Will Oklahoma State Be Seeded?

The staff makes their guesses ahead of tonight’s selection show

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Butler v Texas Tech Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s finally here, Selection Sunday. The day basketball teams eagerly wait for once their seasons start. The day dreams are made and bubbles are burst. You can watch the Selection Show this evening at 4:30 p.m. CT on CBS or stream the show on NCAA March Madness Live - online or on the app. If you’re in Stillwater, you can also watch the show live with the team at the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center.

Oklahoma State will go dancing after missing out on the fun last season. The question now, as it has been for a couple of weeks, is where will the Cowboys be seeded.

We broke down the “expert” takes yesterday, but today, the CRFF staff is making our own picks.

Where will Oklahoma State be seeded?

Joel Penfield | 8 seed : I think we'll end up as the 8 seed in the West. I saw that we are projected to play Arkansas in an 8/9 matchup, so I'll go with that. I think ending on a 3 game losing streak isn't good for the Pokes but one lose was to the 13 time conference champion and 2 were to the eventual conference tournament champion...not bad losses at all.

Micah Allen | ??? seed : I'd say based on losing our last 3, an 8 or 9 seed.

Brodie Smith | 8 seed : In a sense, it doesn't matter because ever game is a must-win if you want your season to continue. Place and opponent doesn't matter. So, I'm guessing an 8-seed because the tourney powers that be will want the chance to strike some fear into a No. 1 in the second round. Or third. Or whatever they officially call the round of 32.

Tyler Wiederhoeft | 9 seed : This really, really sucks considering there was talk of a 4-seed just three games ago, but I think the Cowboys 0-6 start will finally catch up with them - especially since they ended the season 0-3. Put them in the West with a probability of a second-round date with 'Zaga.

Sam Hersh | 8 seed : I could see the committee putting them in first round match-up with Wichita state. I think they could be deserving of a 7-seed, but I think they are more fitted for the 8/9 match-up. Probably not in KU's region to avoid a second round Big 12 match-up. I Would love for them to get another shot at UNC in 2nd round potentially.

Phillip Slavin | 7 seed : I actually think the committee is going to be more generous than we all think. They tend to do a good job of viewing the season as a whole, and not just the last few games. While we did end the season with three straight losses, they were to Big 12 Tournament Champ Iowa State (twice) and Big 12 Regular Season Champ Kansas. Also, despite the 0-6 start to league play, we only have one bad loss, to Texas in Austin. I’m hoping for a 7-seed against a team that doesn’t shoot the three well. Lord please don’t give us Vanderbilt.

Cade Webb | 10 seed : While I think this is a bit of a disappointment from weeks ago when we were talking about potential 4 and 5 seeds, I think this is probably an appropriate landing spot for the Cowboys. They're 1-8 against RPI top 25, meaning they beat up on the bottom half of the league, while not competing with the top half. I think OSU falls squarely in the 7/10 game. If they get a good matchup in the first round, and possibly fall in Gonzaga's side of the bracket like many are predicting, I could see them making a run. It's all about the matchup, though.