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Cowboys Close Out NCAA Wrestling Championships Day 2

Heil advances to finals and six others to consolation semis

As we close out Day 2, we finally have time to soak in what happened today. Who was upset? Who made it to finals? Who made it way further that you expected? Day 2 is truly the make-or-break day. Some are looking their title shot dead in the eye, while others are fighting to keep their name on the consolation bracket. It doesn’t matter if you have a number before your name anymore. No one is safe. Let’s take a look at what happened today.

Team Standings:

1. Penn State - 121
2. Ohio State - 89.5
3. Oklahoma State - 86
4. Missouri - 81.5
5. Iowa - 74


125) Gilman (Iowa) F Piccininni (OSU) 6:04

133) Brock (OSU) DEC Lantry (Buffalo) 7-3

141) Heil (OSU) DEC Eirman (Mizzou) 6-5

157) Berger (Neb) DEC Smith (OSU) 3-1 SV

165) Martinez (Ill) DEC Rogers (OSU) 10-5

184) Boyd (OSU) DEC Foster (UNI) 11-7

197) Moore (Ohio St) MD Weigel (OSU) 13-5


133) Gross (SDSU) MD Brock (OSU) 12-3

141) Heil (OSU) DEC Ashnault (Rutgers) 4-2

184) Dean (Cornell) DEC Boyd (OSU) 9-3

Consolation Round of 16 #2

149) Maruca (ASU) DEC Collica (OSU) 8-5

174) Crutchmer (OSU) DEC Ramos (UNC) 5-3

285) Vollaro (Lehigh) DEC Schafer (OSU) 5-1

Consolation Round of 8 #1

174) Crutchmer (OSU) DEC Brucki (CMU) 5-3

Consolation Round of 8 #2

125) Piccininni (OSU) DEC Hudkins (UNI) 7-5

157) Smith (OSU) DEC Short (Minn) 3-2

165) Rogers (OSU) DEC Steiert (UNI) 10-4

174) Crutchmer (OSU) DEC Meyer (Iowa) 13-10

197) Weigel (OSU) DEC Chaid (UNC) 5-0

Consolation Round of 4

125) Piccininni (OSU) DEC Russell (Edinboro) 6-4 SV

157) Smith (OSU) DEC Mastriani (VT) 9-3

165) Rogers (OSU) DEC Walsh (Rider) 12-11

174) Brunso (Ill) DEC Crutchmer (OSU) 8-5

197) Weigel (OSU) DEC Beazley (ODU) 15-3

Now, let’s take a look at how the matches line up in tomorrow’s sessions.

Session V (3rd, 5th, 7th place matches)

125) Piccininni (OSU) v Mueller (Virginia)

133) Brock (OSU) v Mick (Michigan)

157 Smith (OSU) v Palacio (Cornell)

165) Rogers (OSU) v Massa (Michigan)

184) Boyd (OSU) v Dudley (Neb)

197) Weigel (OSU) v Haught (VTech)

Session VI (Championship Finals)

141) Heil (OSU) v Dicamillo (Virginia)

Saturday brings high hopes for the remaining Cowboys as they try to close in on the major lead that Penn State currently holds. Please tune in today and support your remaining Cowboys in the tournament. Sadly, we aren’t talking about basketball.

Time: 10 a.m. - Session V (3rd, 5th, 7th place matches)

7 p.m. - Session VI (Championship finals)

Watch: ESPN/ Watch ESPN

Live Updates: FloWrestling