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WATCH: Brad Underwood’s Introduction Press Conference at Illinois

As the great writer Stephen King once wrote, “Same s***, different day.”


If you wanted to watch Brad Underwood’s press conference from his official introduction at Illinois, here you go.

Oh wait, that’s not the right one. Ah well. Doesn’t matter. You hear pretty much the exact same thing Underwood said today as he said 362 days ago.

Here is the actual press conference.

Illinois Basketball Coach Underwood Introductory Press Confere...

Hear from new #Illini Head Coach Brad Underwood in his introductory press conference.

Posted by Fighting Illini Basketball on Monday, March 20, 2017

Underwood was officially introduced to the Illinois faithful and media today. Before he took the mic, Illinois Athletic Director Josh Witman spoke about how they landed the snake now former Cowboys coach.

"We just didn't think there was a chance to get him."

According to Witman, he didn’t speak with Underwood’s representatives until last Wednesday, which is when he learned of Underwood’s interest in the school

“Last Wednesday, we picked up the phone and called Brad’s representative and had a discussion with him, and we were thrilled to learn that the University of Illinois has long been a destination location for coach Underwood.”

Witman went on to make some glowing remarks about Underwood...

"Brad's someone of the highest integrity. ... We have every intention of winning Big Ten and national championship."

When Underwood finally took the stand, he did speak some about Oklahoma State and his time with the Cowboys.

Underwood promised a lot of the exact same things to the Illini faithful as he did to the Cowboy faithful just a year ago. You’ll also probably see some recognizable comments during his press conference.

Most Oklahoma State fans on Twitter noticed the... similarities.

Before the conference, details of Underwood’s contract with the school were released.

The details are as follows.: Underwood’s contract is for six years and $18 million dollars. He will make $2.75 million in year one and $3.25 million in final year. There’s also an $8.5 million dollar buy-out if Underwood felt like pulling another one-and-done next year.

*Note that Underwood does not get to $3 million until his fourth year.

This feels like the end of the Underwood story in relation to Oklahoma State. From here, all focus should turn to the search for the next head coach.

Al eyes are on you Mike Holder.

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