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More Potential Coaching Replacements for Oklahoma State

We continue our search to replace Bad Brad.

Today marks Day 3 of the coaching search after Brad Underwood picked up shop and got the hell out of Dodge to go to Illinois. Enjoy those winters and all that snow and cold up north Coach Underwood.

Meanwhile, Mike “Hot Water” Holder is looking for Underwood’s replacement. A common name tossed around is OSU alumnus and last year’s runner-up to the position Doug Gottlieb. Other than that, nobody’s name has stuck to the job for the most part. Phillip looked at some potential coaches Monday, but today, I’m going to look at some more.

Jackie Moon

I realize this is a stretch, but hear me out. Moon was not only the coach, but also the owner and starting power forward of the the Flint Tropics. For the Cowboys, he would only be required to wear the “coach” hat. He is widely credited for inventing the alley-oop, so who knows what else Moon could invent while with the Cowboys.

Michael Jordan

Myspace/Luke McGarry

Arguably one of the best player-coaches of all time, Jordan led his team to a second-half comeback against the Monstars to help the NBA players get their powers back. Add in Bill Murray as an assistant coach and bring along some of Michael’s Secret Stuff, and the Cowboys should be able to not only repeat the results this season, but improve on it.


Ken Carter

What he did with those boys was inspirational, and there is no reason to think he couldn’t do it again with the Cowboys. His gruff, no-nonsense style of coaching is similar to Underwood, so this will not be entirely foreign to Oklahoma State.

Hopefully the players are doing well in school though, because Oklahoma State fans likely would not be happy with cancelled games, and the athletics office would also be hurt by the lack of ticket sales and probable fines from the NCAA for forfeiting games.

Jimmy Dolan


Man can this guy recruit! For those of you worried that the new coach will not be able to recruit, Dolan should be able to quell all those fears. The only problem is the athletics department may not like the travel budget Dolan would accumulate on his recruiting tips.

Norman Dale


This is my long shot for Holder to go out and get. Yes, he was disgraced from the college coaching rankings, but he was successful. Then, he did the same thing in the high school level. Dale’s speeches were enough to make you run through a brick wall. What I wouldn’t give to get Norman Dale to roam the sidelines of Gallagher-Iba Arena.

So Oklahoma State fans, who do you want to see coaching the orange and black next season? One of these five above? Someone else? Let us know in the comments!