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Desmond Mason Lays Out His Plans For Coaching Oklahoma State Basketball

Mason wants to bring a lot of NBA experience to Stillwater

Desmond Mason #34

Mike Holder continues to search for a replacement for Brad Underwood. He already interviewed former Cowboy point guard Doug Gottlieb on Thursday. Gottlieb has been very vocal in his quest to become the next head basketball coach at Oklahoma State.

It seems Gottlieb isn’t the only alumnus pushing for the position.

Desmond Mason has been growing more and more vocal about the position.

In an interview with The Franchise on Thursday, Mason said he knows what it takes to get Oklahoma State back to competing at the highest level.

“I know what it takes. I know what kind of staff it takes. I know what kind of work it takes. I know what kind of trainers it takes. I know what kind of commitment it takes. I know what kind of medical staff if takes. I know what we had to do to compete at the highest level in the Big 12 when we played there.”

Today, Mason went on Twitter to further lay out what he would do if he were to take over the basketball program.

According to Mason, his coaching staff would include a lot of people with NBA coaching experience:

  • A former NBA head coach
  • A former NBA Associate head coach
  • An NBA Legend assistant
  • The second best skills coach in the NBA
  • A top-3 recruiter
  • A 4-time NCAA Champion Physical Trainer

Mason didn’t reveal the names of any of these proposed coaches, so there’s no way to gauge how serious to take this. However, he spent 11 seasons in the NBA with Seattle, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, and Sacramento, so I don’t doubt he still has plenty of connections in the league. During the interview, Mason He did say that the “second best skills coach” is currently with the Houston Rockets, which means he’s likely referring to Josh Oppenheimer.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of loading a coaching staff with big names in the NBA is certainly interesting, but it would be really expensive.

You can listen to the full The Franchise interview here. Mason also spoke about Brad Underwood leaving, a conversation he had with Mike Holder, the benefits of having an alumnus coaching a team, and about Doug Gottlieb.