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Watch: New Coach Mike Boynton Talks About His Plans for Oklahoma State

We get our first glimpse into the mind and plan for Coach Boynton

Earlier this afternoon, Mike Boynton was announced as the head coach of the Oklahoma State Mens’ Basketball team. He sat down with the Dave Hunziker shortly after his hiring to talk about his promotion and what his plans are for the program moving forward.

That included talking about why he believes he will succeed at Oklahoma State.

“What’s helped me over the course of my career is I’ve worked with really good people.,” says Boynton. “I’ve played for really good coaches, and I’ve been able to devise a plan that I think will be really, really successful here at Oklahoma State.”

Boynton goes on to say that his plan begins with incredible hard work and includes really good people, his experience in coaching, and the experience of the coaching staff he will put together.

One thing that should excite Oklahoma State fans... Boynton says the Cowboys will be a defensive first program.

“We’ll recruit guys who can be really good defensively. That means having length, having athleticism. Starting on the perimeter and throughout your roster.”

Boynton says he also intends for the offense to move fast, but that as far as style, the team will play to the strengths of the players.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.