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WATCH: New Basketball Coach Mike Boynton Addresses Players For First Time

Boynton discusses his goals and aspirations for the program

Before his introductory press conference on Monday, new Oklahoma State mens basketball Mike Boynton got a chance to address the players on the team for the first time since he was hired.

There was a lot of interesting stuff in the speech, including the fact that Jeffrey Carroll was an attendance, Boynton discussing his “core value principles” for the team, and that he almost played against OSU in the 2004 NCAA Tournament.

Boynton also laid out his goals and aspirations for the program, saying he wants to compete for National Championships.

“We’ve got a chance to build something really, really special here,” says Boynton. “You young guys got a taste of what success as a college basketball team is. Going to the tournament was fun wasn’t it? We should do that every year. We should still be playing, and in the future we will still be playing. We’ll be coming home from somewhere this weekend and getting ready to go somewhere else... wherever they tell us the Final Four is that year.”

Boynton also says the team has everything it needs to reach his goals including great administrative support, an unbelievably loyal fan base, and the talent.

I realize that all of us are still a little jaded after what Brad Underwood said before this season... and before he ran off to Illinois with his bag of money. So when you watch the video below, don’t hold the sins of Underwood against Boynton. Watch with an open mind and some hope that he has the ability to help this program reach his goals and aspirations.