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A Week In Review: Mar 20-26

Catching you up on last week’s happenings!

Arkansas v South Carolina Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


Last week was a week of shock, frustration, anxiety, anger and then maybe a little bit of hope? (No? Just me? Ok.) After Brad Underwood’s departure for Illinois, Mike Holder and a consulting group that specializes in coaching searches (sounds like a cake job) hired a guy that was sitting on the OSU bench this whole time, Mike Boynton.

You may be asking yourself, “who in the hell is Mike Boynton?” Well, that’s a valid question, my friend. Boynton came to Stillwater with Brad Underwood from Stephen F. Austin as an assistant coach. Before SFA, he coached at Wofford College and his alma mater, South Carolina.

There has been a lot of backlash toward AD Mike Holder. It was reported that the biggest reason for the Underwood fallout was the difference in Holder and Underwood’s perception of the basketball program, and where it could be. So, Holder is already in hot water for apparently not thinking the basketball program was important enough. Then, he goes and promotes an inexperienced Boynton on the cheap after interviewing only him, Doug Gottlieb and the other assistants on Underwood’s staff. Not a great look. Social media went nuts.

Doug Gottlieb has to be pretty dejected about this whole thing, right? The only knock on Gottlieb was his lack of head coaching experience, and then OSU goes out and hires a guy with a lack of head coaching experience. Gut wrencher. Doug released a thank you letter on his facebook page after he received the word that he didn’t get the job.

My Alma mater needs leadership, needs passion, needs loyalty, needs to have a piece of the old and a chunk of what is new on the sidelines of Eddie Sutton Court. I felt like it needed me, my plan, my vision, my soul. This time it felt real.

You can read the full letter here.

One light note about Mike Holder, is it possible that maybe Holder is just a closet hipster? “Tom Crean, Buzz Williams, Andy Enfield? Those guys are so mainstream. You gotta check out this coach named Mike Boynton. You’ve probably never heard of him, but the dude jams.” Can’t you just picture this scenario?

T. Boone Pickens: Hey Mike!

Mike Holder: Hi Mr. Pickens! Thanks for picking me up on your jet.

TBP: Anything for my AD. Have you found a new coach for hoop ball yet?

MH: Basketball? Eh, not yet. People are being so lame, so I’m probably just going to hire somebody that they don’t want.

TBP: As long as Mason throws for 5,000 yards next season, I don’t care.

MH: That’s not even... nevermind... Yo BP, hand me the aux cord. I’m ‘bout to catch this plane on Arcade Fire.

TBP: ...

It’s possible! I mean, have you ever seen Mike Holder and the weird mustache guy from Downtown Aspen Coffee at the same time? I don’t think so.

What Now?

  • Jawun Evans (hiring an agent) and Jeffrey Carroll (didn’t hire agent) are testing the NBA waters to see how their draft stock is looking. Evans is being projected as a late-first rounder, and I have yet to see a grade on Carroll, which is probably the reason he is doing this in the first place. Carroll has a high chance of coming back to Stillwater next season, but things are uncertain for Jawun Evans and his NBA future. Because this upcoming NBA draft class is LOADED with point guard talent, Evans stock is probably lower than it should be. Will he risk entering the draft and potentially be taken in the second round? Would it be smart to play one more year of college to improve his draft stock and enter the draft with a less talented group of point guards? The Evans and Carroll situation should be something to keep a close eye on. Losing either one of the two would be a huge blow to the team.
  • As far as the fans go, I think it’s okay for people to be upset about everything that has been happening. Have a good cry. However, I think it is important to remember the atmosphere around GIA this past season. Are we really going to let that excitement dissipate because some snake head coach BS’d us and our AD didn’t hire the guy that you were hoping for? As Coach Boynton has said, this program is about the players. We still have some good guys, and there are some young dudes coming in that can help this team immediately. Take a look at Coach Boynton addressing the team for the first time:


Spring practice is underway, and we’ve been receiving a few snippets on what has been going on.

  • We have the coolest head coach in all of college football and it’s not even close. I figured I should get this one out of the way first:

p.s. If anyone tells you that Jim Harbaugh is the coolest HC in college football, they are wrong and they are not to be trusted. Jim Harbaugh is the biggest hardo on Earth.

  • Shoulder scope will keep Justice Hill out all Spring:
  • Grad transfer left tackle of out Cal, Aaron Cochran, has announced his top 3, and Oklahoma State has made the cut. Cochran would be a very important addition, as the graduation of Victor Salako has left a hole at that position. Oklahoma State is also in the lead to land Clemson cornerback, Adrian Baker. If these guys are looking to join a team that they are going to get PT right away, OSU is the place. If these guys are looking to win ball games in their last college season, OSU is the place. Simple choice here.


The Cowboys finished 1-3 on the week, defeating OU and getting swept by the powerhouse TCU Horned Frogs.

OSU - 4 OU - 3 Boxscore

OSU - 5 TCU - 7 Boxscore

OSU - 5 TCU - 6 Boxscore

OSU - 1 TCU - 5 Boxscore

Micah broke down the TCU series for CRFF here.

After watching the Bedlam game and the Saturday TCU matchup, I can tell you that the future of the baseball program has some promise with the freshman that we have playing. Cameron Dobbs and Ryan Cash are going to provide outstanding defense up the middle for years to come. Trevor Boone has some real promise out in the outfield, and at the plate. Jonathan Heasley has a BIG TIME arm, and really held his own against one of the best hitting ballclubs in college baseball on Saturday. Cade Cabiness is a pitchers worst nightmare. It’s probably safe to say that this baseball team may go through some growing pains this season, but they really are set up for years to come.

What’s Been Happening at CRFF?

  • Tyler and Phillip look back to their basketball predictions from the beginning of the season? Were they on point? Check it out!
  • CRFF says goodbye to seniors, Leyton Hammonds and Phil Forte. Thanks for everything fellas! #CowboysForever
  • Our site manager, Cade Webb, got hitched this past weekend! Go give the guy a “congrats” on Twitter! My dude definitely married above his pay grade. I felt myself wondering, “how did Cade do it?” But then I remembered his small role in The Office as Dwight Jr., and I figured he probably has movie star status. Ugh. Movie stars always get the babes.

What’s Going On This Week?

  • Cowboy Baseball faces off against Witchita State on Tuesday, and then West Virginia comes to town to begin a three games series over the weekend.
  • Cowgirl Softball head to Fayetteville to take on Arkansas on Wednesday, and then they will come back home to take on Kansas in a weekend series.
  • The tennis team travels to Lubbock and Ft. Worth this week to take on Texas Tech and TCU.

Go Pokes!