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WATCH: Mike Boynton's Introductory Press Conference

New men’s basketball coach Mike Boynton talks about the future of Oklahoma State Basketball

Today, the reigns of OSU baketball were given to new head coach Mike Boynton.

The press conference started with a few words from President Burns Hargis, who spoke on the success of this past year.

“We rekindled something really special this last year,” Hargis said. “And I have every expectation that that excitement is gonna grow and be greater than ever. So get your tickets now.”

Hargis then welcomed Boynton’s family, wife Jenny, daughter Zoe, and son Ace.

Before Boynton spoke, he was introduced by Athletic Director Mike Holder. Holder talked about the fan response to finding a new head coach.

“I’d like to thank the fans,” Holder said. “Very very passionate, trust me I heard from them. My email inbox was full. You gotta have thick skin sometimes to open some of those emails. But I promise to each and every one of you that felt strongly enough to send me your thoughts I read every one.”

Holder even joked in one of the emails that he was called a “shriveled up old fossil.”

Holder went on to thank the students.

“Without you we don’t have a job,” Holder said. “You’re our life blood. You’re what we get up for every day and to see you back in the building, that was very gratifying.”

Holder even made reference to Oklahoma State’s cowboy roots introducing Coach Boynton as “the new sheriff in town.“

Boynton started off by talking about how surreal this all is.

“This is a pretty unbelievable day in a lot of ways,” Boynton said. “At 35 years old I really did think I’d be a head coach. Had no idea I’d be the head coach of Oklahoma State University. Thank you.”

Through tears, he thanked the people that got him there.

“There’s a lot of people that get credit for me standing here today,” Boynton said. "The city of Brooklyn that raised me. All my friends I grew up with. My dad, my mom, my sisters.”

Boynton then talked about how despite not having biological brothers, he always had brothers.

“This is about people,” Boynton said. “And real relationships. Trust, respect, hard work, it’s all I know. We succeed together... we support one another, we push each other to our goals, we challenge each other to be better. “

He then talked about the future of the program.

“We’re gonna get this thing done,” Boynton said. “We’re gonna win big. Because winning big is an expectation at Oklahoma State.”

Overall Boynton seems really genuine and I like what he stands for.

This is also promising:

Here’s the full press conference: