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Mike Boynton to Reportedly Make $1 Million/Year

That’s one heck of a raise for the new head coach.

As Mike Boynton was introduced as Oklahoma State's newest head basketball coach yesterday, the details of his contract were released. All that is known right now is that he will make $1 million per year over the next five years. This is very similar to the contract that Brad Underwood received this time last year.

This is a heck of a raise for Boynton. With Stephen F. Austin, Boynton made $70,000 to be an assistant under HE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS. Now, he will reportedly make more than 14 times that in his first gig as a head coach.

One issue that has come out right now is that Boynton has not signed his contract yet. I do not believe this is anything that is cause of alarm. Some of the finer things are probably being worked out, and he will sign sometime soon.

But again, I do find it interesting that he has only verbally accepted the head coaching job and hasn’t signed his name on the dotted line yet. I imagine once he does (hopefully in the next few days), some OSU fans will be relieved.

It’s not like he is going to decide not to be the coach. He hit the recruiting trail essentially immediately after the press conference.

Once the full terms of the contract are worked out and released to the public, we will pass them on to you.