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Is Mike Holder About to Retire?

This is kind of out of the blue.


This is a bombshell. Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World is reporting that Oklahoma State Athletic Director Mike Holder could be headed out to pasture.

After having endured one of the more difficult weeks of his 11½-year run as the Cowboy athletic director, Mike Holder acknowledges that he occasionally contemplates retirement.

This is just the latest of the shocking developments to come out of OSU since the basketball season ended just 11 short days ago. It already seems like a lifetime, doesn’t it?

Haisten said it isn’t as simple as Holder turning in his resignation. Holder has been the AD for 12 years. He has been part of OSU culture ever since he stepped onto campus as a freshman in 1966.

Sources indicate that several influential university figures are advocates of change in the athletic director’s office. Advocates of Holder’s retirement.

Haisten questioned whether Holder’s remaining time was going to be measured in years or months.

Or in weeks?

WEEKS?!? That is the biggest shock of them all. Oklahoma State could move on from Holder in the coming weeks?!

For a long time, fans have been calling for Holder’s head. It’s no secret that people don’t get along with Holder. Mike Gundy included. Some people say Holder would have been gone a long time ago if he didn’t have the biggest benefactor in OSU history in his corner.

Haisten offered an interesting point regarding Holder and Pickens.

If Holder were nudged into retirement, how might it affect OSU’s relationship with Pickens? It’s a critical consideration for those at the top of the decision-making chain.

Pickens has to know Holder’s retirement will eventually happen. How will he respond if he feels like Holder is “forced out” by the rest of the athletic office and other benefactors?

Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting a new AD. Yes, Holder is a great fundraiser. Great. He raised the money for Karsten Creek, widely regarded as one of the best collegiate course in America. He convinced Boone Pickens to not buy another private jet for all of his employees and help build a new football stadium. There are rumors that he finally got his money to get Josh Holliday a new stadium and put Allie P. Reynolds to rest.

But what else has Holder done for OSU as an AD?

He gave Travis Ford an absolutely awful contract. He and Gundy can’t seem to get along. He let Underwood get away. Though the more I learn, the less it looks like Holder refused to open up the checkbook as Underwood was just a greedy man (gotta keep it rated G) that wanted to make bank now.

Holder is 68 years old. Maybe it is time for OSU to start looking elsewhere. I understand this is going to ruffle some feathers - especially Boone’s. Just because something changes, doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. It may be time to change the captain of OSU Athletics. Especially if “several influential university figures are advocates of change in the athletic director’s office.”

It’s something to keep an eye on as the tumultuous (to say the least) basketball offseason continues.