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Oklahoma State at South Alabama the Weirdest Road Trip of 2017

It is weird, but not unusual for the Cowboys

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-South Alabama vs Air Force Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Every year there are some college football games that make you go... huh? Games where a Power Five team travels to the home stadium of a Group of Five team they have no business traveling to. These are games that provide absolutely ZERO benefit to the Power Five team; win and no one cares, but lose, and your season can be over before it ever really gets started.

Last year Maryland traveled to Florida International and Miami went to Appalacian State, for a couple of examples.

This year is no exception. SBNation ranked the 22 weirdest road trips of the 2017 season, and right at the top is Oklahoma State’s trip to South Alabama on September 9th. (It could be moved up a day to Friday, September 8th.)

Oklahoma State has a history of road games like this...

@ Houston 2006
@ Troy 2007
@ UTSA 2013
@ Central Michigan 2015

Houston in 2006 was NOT what it is today. Troy? That’s not even a recruiting ground for Oklahoma State. UTSA is similar to South Alabama in that OSU scheduled both teams not long after they came into existence (UTSA’s first season was 2011, South Alabama’s started playing in the FBS in 2012). Seriously though. South Alabama? We couldn’t get North Texas or something? At least then Cowboy fans could easily show up (and likely outnumber the home crowd).

Other games that made the weird road trip list include Miami at Arkansas State, Iowa State at Akron, Kansas at Ohio, Texas Tech at Houston (not that weird), and my favorite, North Carolina at Old Dominion (they’re not an FCS team?). Check out the full list HERE.