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Mason Rudolph Invested in Final Four

Looks like Rudolph will be wearing Carolina Blue on Saturday

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NCAA Final Four is this weekend. It’s one of the biggest events in sports and features some of the best athletes, teams, and stories. While Oklahoma State is out of the NCAA tournament, myself and many other OSU fans will still be watching the two games on Saturday night.

That likely includes Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph

According to Jake Trotter of ESPN, Rudolph has a deep connection to the game between North Carolina and Oregon with a deep interest.

Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph counts North Carolina basketball's Luke Maye as one of his three closest childhood friends. Their fathers were college roommates as members of the UNC football team, which led the Rudolphs and Mayes to becoming tight family friends. After watching Maye hit the game-winning shot to beat Kentucky and propel the Tar Hells to the Final Four, Rudolph said he was so excited he literally tackled Oklahoma State right tackle Zach Crabtree on the couch in front of the TV.

Rudolph tweeted after the game too.

That’s an awesome story...

... and it was a pretty awesome shot.

If you haven’t read about Maye, he’s a pretty cool story himself.

As for Rudolph, grew up in Rock Hill, South Carolina, so I’m also curious if he’ll be rooting for the Gamecocks in their game against Gonzaga.

On the one hand, I’m pumped for Rudolph, and to watch the Final Four. On the other hand, Rudolph, you can celebrate but please don’t break Zach Crabtree, we really need him this season.