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WATCH: Fox Sports Was Prepared for Doug Gottlieb to Leave for Oklahoma State

Must watch video of the day

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Radio Row Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By now we all know that Doug Gottlieb didn’t get the job of head coach of the Oklahoma State’s basketball team.

However you feel about that decisions, at least one person is thrilled; his new employer Fox Sports. The network announced amidst the OSU coaching search, that Gottlieb was joining their impressive list of radio and T.V. contributors. (it really is impressive).

So, what would have happened if Gottlieb HAD gotten the OSU job? It looks like Fox Sports was prepared for that scenario.

That Fox Sports radio took the time to put that video together is absolutely brilliant. Even Gottlieb seemed to appreciate it.

Looks like Fox Sports should send an orange and black gift basket to whichever regents kept Mike Holder from hiring Gottlieb for the OSU job.

Since Gottlieb was NOT hired by Oklahoma State, you can catch him on Fox Sports 1 and on Fox Sports Radio starting April 24th... and every weekday after.

You’re welcome Fox Sports.