Vote daily so the Big 12 can beat the Big 10

This post is by a West Virginia fan asking for your help.

The Big 12 is in a competition against the Big 10. And the Big 12 is losing. Again. I cannot remember the Big 12 ever beating the Big 10 in this contest.

It seems like every year a school from the Big 10 wins the ESPN Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge which is based upon fans voting daily.

Voting started weeks ago with 48 colleges coaches. It is now down to the Final 4 coaches and it is:

1. The Big 10's - Michigan's Coach John Beilein.

2. The Big 10's - Ohio State's Coach Thad Matta.

3. The Big 10's - Purdue's Coach Matt Painter.

4. The Big 12's - West Virginia's Coach Bob Huggins.

3 Big 10 schools (all previous winners?) vs the Big 12's WVU.

By state population: West Virginia 1.8 M, Michigan 9.9 M, Ohio 11.6 M and Purdue's Indiana 6.6 M. That is 28.1 M Big 10 voters vs 1.8 M West Virginia voters. We are outnumbered by 16 to 1. We need your Help.

The only chance the Big 12 has of winning is if WVU's Huggins wins. And for that to happen, the Big 12 needs to vote as a FAMILY. In conference play, we are rivals with you. But when competing against someone who is outside the Big 12 - West Virginia represents the Big 12.

Huggins has said "I want them (fans) to realize this event isn't a popularity contest. When they vote for me they'll be voting for new and better treatments for cancer and bringing hope to those afflicted with the disease."

The winner receives $100,000 for their favorite charity.

Coach Huggins will donate the money to a charity named in honor of his Mom who passed away from cancer in 2003. The Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Endowment Fund will donate all of the prize money to support cancer clinical trials at WVU's hospital.

You can vote each day at: www.ESPN.COM/Infiniti. You must have a Facebook account or a ESPN.COM account. The winner will be announced March 12th.

Thanks for your support.

If Big 12 fans unite to support WVU's Huggins - we can defeat the Big 10.

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