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Oklahoma State Has Launched Mason Rudolph’s Heisman Campaign

The hype train has left the station.

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

While the Cowboy football team won’t play their first real game for another 141 days, that’s hasn’t stopped Oklahoma State from getting the Mason Rudolph hype train started.

The school has officially kicked off No. 2’s (awesome) Heisman campaign Thursday morning with a series of cryptic tweets.

It featured the QB’s number wrapped in the OSU bandanna design and some unusual lettering. It didn’t take fans long to “crack the code” and realize that the phrase running in a circle was in fact, Mason Rudolph for Heisman.

It wasn’t long after that a fantastic highlight reel video was released, featuring some of Rudolph’s biggest moments.

While it may seem a little early to start Heisman campaigning, it’s actually brilliant. Rudolph may be a betting favorite and a top 10 according to Bovada, but he’s not one of the top five or six candidates. Those are the ones that get talked about the most. If you’re going to win the Heisman, everyone needs to be talking about you. Why wait until the season starts to begin revving the engine on the Rudolph for Heisman campaign now?

Of course, if Rudolph leads the Cowboys to a Big 12 title and a college football playoff berth, he may not need much hyping up. After all, leading what may be the best offense in the country does have its perks.