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Thoughts From the 2017 Spring Game

What did we learn from the Spring Game?

Chris Lacy (left) makes a catch under pressure from Rodarius Williams (right) during the Oklahoma State University spring football game.
Matt Barnyard/Tulsa World

Well, that was fun, huh? We saw the last look of the team before they enter summer practice. So, what did we learn?

Tyler Wiederhoeft

  • Mason Rudolph looked good as always.
    By Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World’s count, Rudolph finished the day 13-17, 204 yds, TD, INT. The INT was a well thrown ball that just sailed on Rudolph right into the waiting arms of Bryce Balous. He did have a couple PRETTY fade passes to Chris Lacy that got down to the goal line.

I thought it was odd that Rudolph and Washington came back out to start the second half, but since no one was hurt, I guess I’ll be alright and not question it anymore.

  • The defense wasn’t awful.
    They did have three picks, and all of the deep passing plays were well defended. Like Gundy said, the orange team appeared to be a little more stacked on defense, but overall, I’m pretty impressed. It’s hard to be impressed with the defensive line, since they can’t really go full speed (no need to injure a QB), but I was impressed nevertheless.
  • The fans showed up.
    I know it is Easter weekend, but that didn’t stop 18,000 Loyal and True fans from showing up to watch the game. I’m not sure what the total count was last year, but it’s nice to see. Sure made getting on the field take forever though....
  • I was a bit confused by the QB play.
    I was fine with Rudolph playing through the first quarter. I was confused when he started the second half. I already said that. What confuses me even more is letting Keondre Wudtee struggle so long and not playing other QBs. Jelani Woods got three snaps. It would have been nice to see him get more. He probably will redshirt (or at least he should), but still you can let him play a little more than that.
  • Ramon Richards looks born to play safety.
    He was all over the place today, almost getting an interception at the line of scrimmage to start the second half. He looks like the ball-hawk we have been hearing about, and after watching him, I expect him to have a good season patrolling the secondary, and am excited to see him go to work.
  • Hopefully today was just a fluke for Matt Ammendola.
    The redshirt sophomore was 1-for-3 on field goal attempts today. Granted, his two misses were from beyond 40 yards, but still. He had plenty of leg both times, but couldn’t split the uprights. Plus, there was no rushing allowed. If he can’t make them when there is no pressure, I shudder to think what may happen when he has 11 guys bearing down on him.
  • I am ready for the 2017 season to start today.
    The hype we have heard all Spring appears to be true. We saw a limited amount of offense, but what we saw was impressive. The defense was not only adequate, it may not be as bad as we all though. Gundy did say he thought this was his best defense in his tenure, even better than the defense in 2011.

“The good news is, maybe better on defense than we were then,” Gundy said. “Those teams were good at forcing turnovers, which gave us more opportunities and allowed us to get in a track meet.

“But I just think we have more depth. We’ve got to hit on a couple corners. We’ve got to get a couple guys that we can trust and play. But we have more depth than we did then. There are a number of positions in our starting 22, or starting 28, where we’re really good. We’ve recruited longer. Our culture is in place.”

I’m all in. I’ll drink the orange Kool-Aid. All I know is this summer is going to be torture knowing what I will return to September 2 in Stillwater. Or maybe August 31. I’m not sure. Regardless, it can’t get here fast enough.

Micah Allen:

  • The defense was alright.
    They got some picks and some nice stops. Especially on the orange side. But the orange side’s offense did score 24 points, which tells you something needs work. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it is, and its hard to tell if maybe they just didn’t put very many defensive stars on black but it could have been worse.
  • I’m really excited too see how the new signees fit into everything.
    I know it wasn’t really doable but I wish we could have seen the new transfers today.
  • #MasonforHeisman
    He’s throwing the ball well and completed a majority of the passes he threw today. He’s also running the ball well and doing what he has to do to get yardage. The only thing that worries me is the Heisman hype. I’m worried it’s going to get to his head.
  • The fan support was great.
    At this point I haven't been to a whole lot of spring games, but this was the most crowded I’ve seen it. On Easter weekend no less. Good job fans!
  • It was really great to see all the players with the little Cowboys fans after the game.
    No one looked annoyed or like they just wanted to go home and it’s great to see they have good guys on the team.
  • I was impressed with McClesky and Lacy.
    They both had some great catches and are fast too. We’re gonna be stacked this year at RB and wide receiver once Justice Hill gets back. This team is gonna score points.
  • Mason played more than I was expecting.
    I would have liked to have seen more of the other QBs. I get that he’s the starter but why not give the other guys a chance. I wanted to see Gundy play around with a JW package.

Colin Price:

  • The defense plays fast.
    Every play from both the orange and black squads, the opposing defense was at full sprint getting to the ball carrier. Runners were met quickly, several times being met at or behind the line of scrimmage. Reverses were squashed quickly and the secondary was ball-hawking, pulling down a couple good interceptions.
  • Backup Cowboy Back is still a question.
    Outside of Keenan Brown, there’s no telling who the other primary CW will be. Brown got several good looks out of the backfield, off the line, and in the slot for the Orange team but it was a revolving door outside of him.
  • WR is too deep.
    *HOT TAKE ALERT* Wow is this team loaded at wide receiver. Washington, Ateman, McCleskey, and Lacy punctuate the first team with Tyron Johnson, Tyrell Alexander, Obi Obialo, and Austin Parker providing phenomenal support in the second unit. This is all before Dillon Stoner and the rest of the incoming freshman join the already loaded squad. I think Obi Obialo could have a breakout season like Chris Lacy did last year. He looked real good today: sharp routes, good hands, great awareness.
  • RB2 is up for grabs.
    Jeff Carr, La’Darren Brown, and Ja’Ron Wilson all looked explosive today, showing their speed, agility, and toughness over and over. But none seemed to show a clear edge over the rest. The second running back spot might be another “by committee” year for this tenacious squad.
  • Something is happening in the trenches.
    The pocket protection today was really good. I can’t tell if it was because the O-Line was doing so well or if it was because the D-Line wasn’t getting a good push. But then again, the D-Line was shutting down the runs really quickly so is the O-Line not getting a good push for the backs? I don’t know, looks like we might have to wait for the fall to see.
  • Get excited.
    This team looks dangerous and looks even more fun to watch. Be ready for some fun football this fall.