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The Most Important Cowboy Football Players For 2017: No. 14

We continue our countdown with an important position to develop.

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Yesterday, we started our countdown of the 15 most important players for the upcoming football season for Oklahoma State. We “kicked things off” with the kicker, Matt Ammendola. Coming in at No. 14, we have the backup QB position.

#14 Backup Quarterback

This may seem odd and you may think this is something to worry about next offseason, but bear with me. We obviously know who QB1 is. But, barring an injury, 2017 will be Mason Rudolph’s last. So, who do the Cowboys turn to? Is it Taylor Cornelius? Or John Kolar? Keondre Wudtee? Josh Green? Jelani Woods? Or will it be three-star incoming freshman Tracin Wallace?

That’s what Mike Gundy and Mike Yurcich need to determine this spring and as the year progresses.

Gundy has said he would like to re-implement the dual-QB package he ran with J.W. Walsh and Rudolph, but hasn’t had the personnel necessary to do so. Could early-enrollee Woods fit this necessity?

Here’s what Gundy said regarding the backup QB role.

"We would like to come up with a package like we had with J.W. (Walsh) for one of them. I would like to do that forever if we had the option, but we didn't have that person last year. I think we have a couple of guys that meet that criteria and that could be successful in that style of play. What that will do is give them some added reps in practice and games and potentially help us solidify who will be the No. 2 guy. (Keondre) Wudtee obviously has had a great offseason and (John) Kolar has had a great offseason. John is a lot different than what people think. He came in at about 130 pounds, jokingly. He looked like he was about 130 pounds, but his body has developed and he looks like he may be able to fit that role. We're looking to establish a backup quarterback and maybe somebody that can be a short-yardage guy for us."

Last season it was Taylor Cornelius that was QB2, but that is wide-open again this season. One thing is for certain though, Gundy needs to decide on his QB1 for next season.

I do not expect to see a lot of Rudolph this spring, in both the Spring Game and even in the non-conference games. Don’t get me wrong, I expect Rudolph to start them all, but I think Gundy may go to his bench early.

We will be releasing the rest of our countdown every day leading up to the Spring Game April 15th. Check back every day to see who makes the list!

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