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Glenn Spencer Calls Out Oklahoma State Linebacker

No place is safe from the Cowboy defensive coordinator

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State Defensive Coordinator Glenn Spencer is one heck of a motivator. His twitter feed is filled with motivational quotes about hard work and effort.

His expectations for players goes beyond the field... including in the classroom.

Case in point today, when Cowboy Star Linebacker Kevin Henry mentioned on twitter that he might skip class because of the weather. Coach Spencer wasn’t having it.

If you’re not aware, Oklahoma has been dealing with major rain and flooding. It’s pretty bad.

Spencer don’t care.

Luckily, Henry seems to have gotten the message and made it to class.

Not that a tweet from Spencer wouldn’t motivate me to get to class, but now I want to know what “300” is. I have a feeling it’s not fun.

Also, as much as Oklahoma State coaches are on twitter (they really are some solid follows), why on God’s green earth would you think they wouldn’t see a tweet like this Kevin?

Nothing gets past Spencer and Oklahoma State is all the better for it.