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BREAKING: Cowgirl Soccer Getting New Stadium

Oklahoma State is springing for a much-needed upgrade.

OSU Athletics

The Oklahoma State Cowgirls are finally getting a new stadium, and it looks like it is going to be REALLY nice.

The $20 million project is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2018.

The stadium will be named after Neal Patterson, pending the Board of Regents’ approval. Patterson, an OSU graduate, is the CEO of Cerner Corporation, a Kansas City-based medical software corporation.

The complex will stand where the current field is, and OSU will play it’s 2017 home games around the construction, according to the website.

Here’s Mike Holder’s statement on the new stadium.

“When you provide an education to someone with intelligence, work ethic, determination and big dreams, you occasionally create a force that changes the world. Neal Patterson has done that in the health care industry and our goal is to use his investment in OSU soccer to attract bright, determined, big dreamers from around the world to our soccer team.

“We have been blessed to have an abundance of successful and generous people that have helped transform our athletic department. Our hope is that Neal’s gift will motivate someone else to make a difference on our campus. His name on the stadium is our way of saying thank you and inspiring that next great donor.”

From the press release:

The west side of the stadium will include 552 bleacher seats, 659 chairback seats and 432 stadium seats in the lower bowl. The upper bowl will feature another 378 chairback seats and 164 stadium seats.

Atop the west side of the stadium will be two club levels with a capacity of 80 and two suites with a capacity of 20 guests each. A new press box will sit atop the stadium.

The west side will be anchored by a club area at field level that can host more than 100 and serve as a player lounge and nutrition area on non-game days.

The north end zone includes bleacher seating for more than 400 and will include a patio, a building and a concourse area that can host more than 125 for gatherings.

Another additional 900 seats will remain on the east side of the stadium, where they have been located since the program was launched.

The Cowgirls soccer team was started in 1996, and they have played on the same field since. It wasn’t until 2001 that the bleachers were added, and the video board wasn’t added until 2010.

This is a much-needed update for the Cowgirls, and will be a major selling point for Coach Colin Carmichael as he recruits the next generation of Cowgirl Soccer.

Here are the renderings, courtesy of

Is a new baseball stadium waiting in the wings waiting for its introduction? We can hope.