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Oklahoma State Football: A Q&A With 2018 Commit Bryce Bray

The offensive tackle talks about the recruitment process, why he chose to commit already, and why he liked Josh Henson


Bryce Bray is an offensive tackle in the 2018 class, that committed back on April 15. He is a 3-star recruit out of Bixby, Oklahoma.

Late last week, I was able to get a quick phone interview with Bryce to talk about the recruiting process, why he picked Oklahoma State, and his success on the field at Bixby.

Joel Penfield: What was the recruiting process like as a whole?

Bryce Bray: "It was pretty exciting, I was very thrilled when it first started happening. It's what I wanted to be since I was a little kid. It was fun and I really liked the recruiting process, especially from an OSU standpoint. They weren't all over you 24/7, which was really nice."

JP: Going along with that, what set OSU apart compared to other schools that offered you and that you visited?

BB: “It felt like home and I felt like I would fit in really well there. I really like Coach Henson a lot, he was a big deciding factor of whether it would be OU or OSU or any other school. It was those two (OU and OSU) just because they were in state. But, OSU stood out the most among any other school I checked out. It felt like home, they were laid back and told you everything. That's what I like, being straight up honest and up front, not trying to hide anything, and then it be something different than what you were first told."

JP: Is that why you wanted to commit so early? You're a junior now so is that why you wanted to pull the trigger so early rather than wait for other offers?

BB: “Yes, I really liked it, and didn't want to hold out. I was ready to get it done with, the recruiting process is really cool, but I was tired of it. Being in the spotlight isn't my thing, I was ready to get it done and just focus back up on football, and winning another state title here at Bixby. Not worrying about which school I am going to this week or which coach I am talking to after practice.”

JP: What have your conversations with Coach Henson been like? What do you think he's been able to do differently than other coaches? Since he has come in, he's gotten multiple offensive lineman to come in and commit to being a Cowboy.

BB: “They have been great, it's just like the coaching we get here at Bixby. Whenever I went to the OSU practice, he stepped out in the hallway and talked to a few of the offensive lineman and said 'you won't see anything different today than any other day of practice.' He's not a scream-your-head-off, cuss you out type of guy. He'll let you know you're wrong and get into you a little bit, but he isn't screaming 24/7. It felt like the coaching at Bixby, they don't need to yell, you know you messed up, come and fix it. I really liked that.”

JP: With the 2018 class growing, up to 11 commits right now, have you been in contact with those guys and started to get to know them?

BB: “Yes sir, we all have talked among those of us who have committed, and to guys who we are trying to get to commit. We're really getting to know each other, everybody throughout the whole class. Hunter Anthony and I know each other pretty well because we've worked out together.”

JP: What do OSU fans have to look forward to with you coming in to play?

BB: “Just gritty play, I'm not in the spotlight, I don't like to show off. I like to get in and get it done, and grind it out. There's no excuses, like if they are a Top 5 team or whatever. You're going out and you're the best two, you're not going against anyone who is better than you, you're all the exact same. I work as hard as I can.”

(If you want a peek at what Bryce can do, take a look at his highlight reel.)

JP: How do you think being a part of 3 state titles teams at Bixby has helped develop you as a player?

BB: “It's really helped me come along as a player. As far as a leader, I started as a sophomore in the state title game. i wasn't a big leader because I was only a sophomore, but I was looked up to because I started in the playoff game. It;s helped develop me into having a winning mentality, drive, and work ethic. Everyday you go into the weight room, or going and running sprints on the field, knowing that everything you're doing out of the light, outside of the big Friday or Saturday game, is what is getting it done.”

JP: Even though you have committed to Oklahoma State, and you said that you are done with the recruiting process, do you plan on taking any visits as somewhat of a vacation or to look at other opportunities?

BB: “No, I'm set and locked in. I couldn't see anywhere else but OSU. There's nowhere that could pique my interest more than OSU has.”

JP: One final question, aside from football, what do you like to do in your free time?

BB: “I like going golfing, fishing, and that's about it. I lift weights, but anything that's laid back and just relaxing. I don't go out and hang out all the time, but just stuff that's nice and relaxing.“

I would like thank Bryce for taking the time to do an interview! Best of luck to him on his senior football season, and we at CRFF wish you nothing but success as you prepare to come to Oklahoma State

Go Pokes!!

Follow Bryce on Twitter @_bbray_75.