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President Burns Hargis named to NCAA Board of Directors

The Oklahoma State President will represent the Big 12

Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis now has a new title; Big 12 Representative.

The NCCA has given Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis a spot on the Board of Directors. He will serve as the Big 12 representative, taking the place of former Iowa State President Steven Leath who has accepted a similar position at Auburn. According to the NCAA’s website, Hargis’ term on the board will last until August of 2021

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the NCAA. As a member of the Board of Directors he, along with other members, will be in charge of strategy, oversight, and policy. In other words, Hargis will be among those who make decisions regarding transfer rules and early signing periods.

Hargis has been president of OSU since December 2007.

It’s good to see him given this opportunity. Hargis has always been a smart, progressive president and an excellent representative of the values of Oklahoma State. He will represent the Big 12 and the Cowboy Family well on the board.

Go Pokes!