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POLL RESULTS: Oklahoma State Fans Make Their Pick for 2018 Schedule Hole

There was one overwhelming favorite.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, we asked OSU fans to help fill the hole in the football team’s 2018 non-conference schedule.

In case you’ve forgotten, as of now it looks like this:

9/1: OPEN
9/8: South Alabama
9/15: Boise State

So we ran down a list of possible opponents based on who also had openings on 9/1/2018, nine in total. Here’s how you voted.

Out of the 595 votes we received, Florida was the overwhelming favorite. Not surprising, they’re a quality SEC opponent. How awesome would the 2018 season be if we had Boise State and Florida in the non conference. Heck even if Florida was a neutral site game, that would be awesome.

Syracuse got more votes than Georgia Tech which surprised me a little. However, this point by jarrodt2 was pretty good.

OSU schedules Syracuse, but instead of a home and home, the game is played in Yankee Stadium. - jarrodt2

Early in the season, before December would be neat. Once winter arrives, not so much (see Pinstripe Bowl).

What was crazy to me is that more people voted for an FCS opponent than Louisiana Monroe. Really? Not that ULM is an exciting opponent, but at least they’re recruiting FBS level players.

I’d also like to take this moment to call out everyone who didn’t follow the rules and suggested the teams that OSU would A) never schedule and B) didn’t have an open date for 2018.

I’m looking at you everyone who suggested Alabama, Arizona, and Arizona State.

OSU should schedule Alabama. If you win you have a very good shot at the playoffs even if you lose another game during the year. If you lose a close game it isn’t a disaster and even if you get beat bad you still can recover by winning the big 12. - troy.willborn

While his point is valid, getting spanked by ‘Bama 57-17 is going to cost you down the stretch, especially with the perception of the Big 12.

Speaking of Arizona State, they’re already on the schedule for 2022 and 2023. So for the three or four of you who suggested the Sun Devils (and the Arizona Wildcats for that matter) your wish will be granted soon.

As for other comments...

Any team in the PAC-12, BIG-10 or SEC - David W. Green

I’m going to assume that means David is for scheduling Florida.

When I was at OSU they had games with Arkansas great neighborly rivalry - Edward Ginnever

They should always play Tulsa not just every now and again. And Arkansas would be a great renewal from the old Big 8.

For the couple of people who said Arkansas, I agree entirely. However that answer doesn’t fit this hypothetical.

Thanks to everyone who participated.