Why I'm and OSU Fan - Just is!

While I was a bit rebellious, being a Cowboy was just what there was, and is!

My Grand Dad graduated from OA&M in the 1920's with a masters degree in chemistry and physics, after a spin through France during WWI. He then became a professor at Panhandle A&M. My parents and sisters, along with most of my aunts, uncles and cousins are OSU graduates. Growing up in Stillwater about 2 miles from campus, I spent my childhood and teenage years exploring the campus on my bicycle. Growing up the orange gravity was strong. Lot's of football, basketball, and wrestling matches, performing arts events, and summer camps were enjoyed on the beautiful campus. I learned every nook and cranny, every elevator and stair well, fire escape, and basement tunnel in the Student Union during my first "pay check" job at 14.

Before HS graduation we would sneak in to the beer bars on Knoblock and the Strip. We were kicked out of only the best places like Murphy's, Stonewall, Joe's, and whatever latest beer bar.

After high school I moved right into the engineering school for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Jobs included working for OSU grads and profs as farm labor, roustabout, waiting tables and then eventually moving into teaching and research assistant-ships.

I remember going to draw my student season football tickets and Mrs H, who I had known for years, pulled our tickets, looked at them, put them back then pulled sets until we were on the 45 yard line about 30 rows up to watch Sanders/Thomas/Dykes/Gundy teams. Fun times.

There isn't a time that I can remember not being an OSU fan!

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