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What day of the week should the Big 12 Championship be played on?

There are four options to choose from, which do you prefer?

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With the return of the Big 12 title game, there are a lot of questions. One of the biggest being “What day of the week should the game be played on?”

The Oklahoman’s Jenni Carlson gave some wonderful insight on what goes into that decision.

A couple weeks ago, when Big 12 leaders gathered in Phoenix for the conference's spring meetings, league commissioner Bob Bowlsby told Chuck Carlton of The Dallas Morning News that many details about the game still need to be worked out. The payout. The time. And yes, the date.

The Big 12 title game could be Friday or Saturday.

The return of the Big 12 Title played on a day other than Saturday? While that may seem crazy at first, there would be benefits to moving the game to another day.

So which day would be best for the Big 12 to host the conference title game? Let’s break down all of the options.



  • Like Jenni talks about, the Big 12 wouldn’t be competing with Texas high schools during what is likely going to be state championships going on at the same time.
  • Might not get as many people physically in attendance, but might get more viewers because its late enough in the week that people who might not be okay traveling and trying to make it back to work on Friday would be okay with having a watch party at their house.


  • Possibility of having to compete with Thursday Night Football. However, considering the quality of some of those Thursday night NFL games... it might not be much competition.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, it is a work night which would be bad for people that have to travel.



  • Not a work night meaning fans would have time to get off work and travel to the game as long as it was at night.
  • The league won’t have to compete with other power-5 conference championships that will be on Saturday.
  • It’s better for the host city as more fans in attendance means more time to celebrate or commiserate the game’s outcome.


  • Getting viewers could be a struggle because people make plans on Friday night that might not involve staying home and watching a game.
  • While it could be good for fans not having to travel far, it could pose a problem for those that have further to travel. If the game is in Dallas, it would require OSU fans in Stillwater to have to take the day off to travel down I-35.
  • This goes for Thursday too, but fans wouldn’t have time to come out and tailgate without missing a bit of work.



  • Fans have all day to come out and enjoy the game.
  • More days for travel.
  • No work the next day.


  • People are busy with kids doing things a lot on the weekend. No time to watch football.
  • Have to compete with other big title games.
  • More time to tailgate and drink, leading to rowdier fans. (which personally I think is what makes college football, college football) which would not not be good for people looking to bring kids.



  • Not a lot is going on TV wise on Sunday, other than the NFL. There would definitely be no other competing college football games.
  • Kids aren’t in school and no work.


  • Competing with NFL
  • Competing with church
  • It’s a school/work night

So Cowboy fans, if Oklahoma State makes the Big 12 title game this year, which day of the week do you hope it will be on? Vote in our poll below and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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