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Why I’m a Fan of Oklahoma State- Micah

This is the story of how I became an Oklahoma State fan. Share yours in our Fanpost section to be entered for a chance to win $500 to Fanatics

My dad and I at the Alamobowl

Being from Texas and having no family members that went there, I had no connection to OSU unlike some of the other CRFF contributors, such as Cade. Much like Tyler, OSU wasn’t ever really on my radar. I actually was a fan of a much duller orange for many years, as my older brother went to the University of Texas. We visited Austin and watched UT sports all the time, whether it be on TV or going to the Red River Rivalry game with my brother and his fraternity (should have known then I’d always hate crimson and cream). I really looked up to my big brother and UT was where big brother went and so that’s the football team I pulled for. I’d where my Longhorn garb proudly and pull for the ‘Horns every chance I got.

Then when it was time to make my college decision, it was time to find my own fandom.

My OSU fandom started with a google search. No, seriously I literally googled one day where my ACT score would get me automatically admitted. The first school on the search was OSU. Stillwater was not too far from home and OSU was a good school. They also had decent sports program, that was important. When my mom got home from work that night I told her I qualified for automatic admission and thought a visit was worth a shot. She agreed and so we planned a trip and tour.

Driving onto campus I knew Oklahoma State was my home. It was absolutely beautiful. The architecture and the landscape was all amazing. Then we started our tour, it was the only campus we visited where literally every single student stopped for a smile and a wave. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I loved Stillwater. It was the perfect size and it just had a great atmosphere. I knew this is where I was going.

Then the summer before my freshman year, I went to Camp Cowboy. Camp Cowboy is something that incoming students can go to to make new friends and learn about OSU traditions. After that weekend, I was an OSU fan. Learning about the traditions of OSU from Pistol Pete to America’s Brightest Homecoming, all of those things were things that I thought were so cool and I wanted to be apart of.

Sitting in the student section at my first home football game, singing with everyone and doing the alma mater in BPS after we won I looked around and realized this was my family. And that’s why I’m a fan. the Cowboy fandom is a family. It’s not just a t-shirt that you wear. The people that love OSU REALLY love OSU. We’re together no matter what. Tyler mentioned the homecoming crash in his story, and I wasn’t going to talk about it but after reading his post I couldn’t write this without mentioning it. I was there. Really close to where the accident happened. I saw people spring into action to help people they didn’t know from Adam. And the days following on campus students being there for each other. Being at the scene, I was pretty affected, and it was through the support of my fellow Cowboys that I got through it. We leaned on each other for strength and comfort and this campus was so united. That tells you what kind of people are associated with OSU and I’m so proud of that.

As I look back before starting my senior year (woah that feels so weird to say), my greatest memories are in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This school and it’s sports programs have given me some of the best memories and the best three years of my life and I know that every OSU fan can say the same thing. From joining Paddle People my sophomore year (which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do and I could write a whole post on itself) to rushing the court in Gallagher-Iba, to celebrating in the lounge of Drummond after the 2014 Bedlam win, OSU sports have become one of my passions. I’m a Cowboy for life and darn proud of it.