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BREAKING: Gundy Inks New Contract Through 2022

The mullet will be here a long time.

“Big Daddy” is here to stay.

Cowboy football announced this morning that head coach Mike Gundy has signed a new deal.

Reports say that the deal is worth $4.2 million and is good for five years. The deal will also include annual automatic rollovers.

It is important to note, this is not an extension, but a whole new deal entirely. Gundy’s old contract through the end of 2019 is no longer in effect.

Mike Holder, Oklahoma State’s athletic director, gave this speech.

"Today is a good day for Oklahoma State football. The new contract recognizes Coach Gundy's success at building and sustaining a premier college football program and reflects our appreciation and our long-term commitment to Coach Gundy. Not only is he one of the best coaches in the country, he also does things the right way.

"His players love playing for him because he is the consummate players' coach. While I believe his achievements are often overlooked nationally, he's certainly appreciated by those of us at Oklahoma State. We are excited about the future of our football program under the direction of Mike Gundy."

Gundy said he was pleased with Holder’s commitment to him as coach.

"I'm very pleased with the new contract because it reflects our mutual commitment and long-term vision to take our football program to an even higher level in the years to come," said Gundy. "I appreciate the support and confidence of President Hargis and Coach Holder in me to continue to lead this program for many years to come."

Bring on the Gundy dances for at least five more years!

This is a sweet deal and it’s good to know Gundy will stay a bit longer.