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Cowboys Land Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Receiver Patrick McKaufman

The Cowboys add a JUCO prospect to their 2018 class.

Patrick McKaufman, a standout from Douglass High School in Oklahoma City, announced his commitment today after a year at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M.

The upcoming college sophomore had 125 total yards last season with 13.9 yards per game, 9.6 yards per catch and two touchdowns during his freshman year. Overall not a bad year. McKaufman is a member of the 2018 class which means he’ll play another year at NEO and then transfer. Once he gets to OSU, he’ll have two years under his belt. The addition of McKaufman will add to already stacked #WideReceiverU, but McKaufman will have the experience on his side and shouldn't have as many "growing pains" as some of the freshman.

This 2018 class is shaping up quite nicely for Gundy and the gang. Let’s hope it transfer to production on the field.

Take a look at his highlights: