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6/28/17 - Mailbag

You asked, I answered!

Hey everyone. In this week’s mailbag, we talk about a little bit of everything. So let’s hop right to it.

I’m not sure where we would put a big video board. On top of GIA would be the only logical place I can think of, but I’m not sure if anybody wants to do that. They wouldn’t put it over the south endzone, since that would mean one-third of the bleachers couldn’t see it. Maybe, eventually they will give into the outside pressure to put a big board above the arena, but they will likely need to win another national championship.

Along the lines of winning it all, the law of averages (or something) says that eventually the Cowboys will win, but will it be this year? It depends on the defense.

I think baseball will get an upgrade first. In fact, there’s rumors that Holder has secured most, if not all, of the funding and it will be announced once they figure out the naming rights. I also think that once the stadium is announced, Holder will retire, so yes, it will be his “going away gift.” OSU has already hired Holder’s assumed successor, so it appears that Holder is trying to get one last “score” which could likely be the baseball stadium.

Man what a huge get that would be for the first-year head coach? Wouldn’t it? OSU has a 33 percent chance of landing the second-best center in the entire class of 2018, according to Mike Boynton is only trailing Duke by nine percent and is ahead of third-place Georgetown by eight percent.

A lot of top recruits go to blue-blood schools, where the teams are ridiculously talented and deep. But OSU doesn’t have a big man on the roster or committed as of yet. Will that be enough to entice McCormack into coming to Stillwater? I sure hope so.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is the video in question.

This is a 12 out of 10. Similar to the Vincent Taylor block, scoop, dash, lateral and score on the blocked extra point against Texas.

Some highlights:

  • Sinor’s face photoshopped on all the 2016 finalists on the picture in his locker.
  • Sinor hijacking the meeting, then “fixing” the mockup of Mason Rudolph’s Heisman graphic.
  • Athletic Director Kevin Klintworth looking into the camera Jim Halpert style. (This is a big one for me given how much I love “The Office”.)
  • Of course, the marker drop.

This video made me laugh as it did a lot of other people. Props to Orange Power Studios for having some fun in the heart of the offseason.

I can’t wait to see the B-O-B combo. The uniform staff does a great job week in and week out that it’s tough to find a combo they haven’t used. I also want to see a full gray uniform with the bright orange for the names, lettering and logo.

I think it hurts Evans a little to be honest. Evans was said to be Chris Paul reincarnated. Who better to learn from how to make the transition to the NBA than from the original himself? Now is Evans doomed? Absolutely not, but it would have been fun to watch Evans learn from his NBA comparison for more than five days.

I think they have to win out. Plain and simple. Perhaps they can squeak in if they lose Bedlam but still win the conference championship, but to be safe they need to have a perfect 13-0 season. We saw the disrespect the Big 12 got last year from everyone. Why would it change this year? A loss in the Big 12 can be devastating, but if Ohio State or Alabama loses, it’s not really a big deal because they get more respect since they are not in the Big 12.

That’s going to do it for this week’s mailbag. Thanks to all who participated. If I didn’t get to your question, I apologize. Keep sending in questions and we will do another mailbag here soon!