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Cowboy Football Recruiting: Q&A With Jarrick Bernard

We get to know the 2018 safety recruit T. Bernard

First off I’d like to thank Jarrick Bernard for the time. It was great talking to him. I could tell just from the brief time I spoke to him what a great guy he is.

Now let’s get to the questions:

Micah Allen: What was that like growing up going to Evangel Christian Academy?

Jarrick Bernard: It was great. Great Christian environment, the people love everyone. Everyone loves each other, helps each other out when someone is in need.

MA: When did they start letting you play sports for Evangel?

JB: It usually starts around middle school.

MA: Did you play any other sports through school? Or did you just kind of find football and stick with it?

JB: I did track also. I do all the relays, the 400 and high jump.

MA: Awesome! And what made you chose those two sports out of all of them?

JB: I always watched football on TV... and ever since I tried it out I fell in love with it. I do track mostly to stay in shape for football, but track is fun also.

MA: We talked about how you go to a Christian school. Would you talk about your faith and how that’s impacted playing sports?

JB: I just try to relate the Christian principles to my actions on the field and also my actions off the field.

MA: So you’re from Shreveport. My parents just moved there, and when they moved there I had heard of Evangel and that you guys were really good so I did some research and found out that you guys won state. What was that like?

JB: It was great. we’ve been striving for one for so long and we finally got one.

MA: Had you guys been getting close?

JB: Yes ma’am for years before that we were just right there.

MA: Whats your favorite thing to do besides play football?

JB: I love animals, so I like being around animals. I watch National Geographic a lot in my free time.

(In case you were wondering, Bernard’s favorite animal is a tiger.)

MA: You had your unofficial visit to OSU this past weekend, would talk about that and what sold you on Oklahoma State?

JB: What sold me, and also my parents, was how I connected to the coaches. I just really felt a connection with them and they emphasize the importance of family a lot. And that’s what my high school coach stresses a lot and that really connected with me a lot because the same principles he teaches they teach.

MA: Who was most influential in your recruitment?

JB: My parents, They just felt like it was the best fit for me. [OSU] has a great veterinary program and that’s what I want to do, as well as a good football team.

MA: And what made you want to be a vet?

JB: I’ve always grown up with and animals and just really love them. I’ve loved them since I was young.

MA: You got recruited by a lot of top schools like Texas Tech and Arkansas, talk about that decision making process.

JB: I really took a lot of time out, prayed about it, talked to my parents and coaches and it wasn’t that hard. Well, it kinda was, great options everywhere and it came down to Oklahoma State.

Thanks again to Jarrick for the time and it was nice to get to know a little more about our newest Cowboy. You can follow him on Twitter at @JBernard_28. Welcome to the Cowboy family!