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Social Media Reacts to Bob Stoops’ retirement

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Auburn v Oklahoma Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Well the offseason just got real interesting.

In the most shocking Oklahoma sports announcement since KD left for Golden State, Bob Stoops is retiring from OU, effective immediately. It was also announced that Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley will take over head coaching duties.

The news came with a social media frenzy. Let’s take a look at what fans from around the Big 12 had to say on twitter:

The retirement of your rival school's head coach could be a good way to swing recruits your way I suppose.

This video will never not be appropriate for any situation and I like to think this is exactly what Gundy was doing when he found out.

Our friends over at Burnt Orange Nation are just as happy as we are and seem to think their new head coach had a hand in the decision.

Speaking of KD...

most can agree that news is unexpected.

Ah yes thanks for that Bob Stoops, thanks for that.


This was literally everyone in the state.

Sorry OU fans, new head coach Lincoln Riley isn’t officially a man until he turns 40!

Gotta take the good with the bad.

I mean... he couldn’t be worse than Finebaum.

That joke never gets old.

This is just gold:

Rivalry, jokes (and Joe Mixon) aside, Stoops was a good man and a heck of a coach. Over the last nearly two decades he’s been a prominent fixture of the college football landscape. It will take a while to think about OU and not immediately think about Bob Stoops. And out of the utmost respect, I won’t be sorry not to see him on the opposing sideline next season.

Enjoy retirement Bob.