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Oklahoma State Fans Like Thursday Night Football Games

It’s a surprising upset in this week’s poll!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State football will open the 2017 season with a Thursday night home game against Tulsa. It will be OSU’s first Thursday night game since 2015, and first Thursday home game since 2014.

Fans are generally pretty vocal about their dislike for weekend football games, especially at home. Which is why I was so surprised at the results from our Sunday poll.

The majority of fans voted that yes, Oklahoma State should play Thursday night football games.

Those goes against what I often see on twitter and Facebook, including some of the comments made when this poll went up!

“Home Thursday games are terrible for us season ticket holders who live out of state. I now have to burn 2 days off for a game.” - Mike Barr

However, even those not fans of Thursday night games don’t think they’re all bad.

“For us West Coast alumni and fans, the games are on at 4 or 4:30 and definitely presents a challenge to get to our watch parties! But the upside is great exposure for OSU to the rest of the country and it frees up our Saturdays for all of the other games! Go Pokes” - Gayle Shriver

“ They are terrible however Friday night games are the WORST there is very limited exposure on Friday. South Alabama loves it.” - Randall Rogers

As with the poll, most Oklahoma State fans seem to actually like the early games.

“My favorite game to attend was a Throwback Thursday game a few years ago.” - Kristina Morris

Personally, I like the exposure Oklahoma State receives, especially early in the season. I don’t know about you, but that first two weekend of college football, I don’t care what game is on. As soon as it starts on Thursday, I will watch Middle Tennessee vs. Western Kentucky. Just so long as it’s college football.

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented!