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Fans Think Bob Stoops’ Retirement Makes Oklahoma State the Big 12 Favorites

Fans voted for a new league front runner

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

All of the sporting world was shocked by the surprising news Wednesday that Bob Stoops was retiring as the University of Oklahoma football head coach.

The Sooners have been the favorites to win the Big 12 title this season, but that was before Stoops retired and a 33-year-old rookie head coach was named his successor.

So with that news, should OU still be the favorites or should Oklahoma State take their place? According to fans on twitter, it’s the latter.

Fans voted overwhelmingly that Oklahoma State should now be the favorites to win the Big 12 title.

While Bob Stoops retiring doesn’t affect the level of talent OU will field this season, it does create a certain amount of instability. Yes, promoting offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley to the role of head coach means the Sooners will run the same offense, but thinking OU will be the same team next season is insane. Stoops was a head coach for 18 years. He had a LOT of coaching ability and experience. Riley might have the first one down, but he does not have the second.

There will be growing pains for Riley next season. That doesn’t mean OU won’t win 10 games or the Big 12, but there are going to be games where Riley’s lack of head coaching experience is going to cost the Sooners.

Meanwhile, OSU has not only the same level of talent, but stability. Mike Gundy is still running the ship, and has to be feeling some extra confidence heading into the season knowing the Stoops won’t be on the other sideline come Bedlam.

Maybe you think OSU should be the favorites heading into the season, maybe you don’t. Either way you have to agree the gap between the two teams has certainly grown smaller.

The season can’t get here soon enough.